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Financial Aid

Financial aid is available to students entering the program on a regular basis. This aid is typically given in the form of a half tuition remission research assistantship which has a small stipend of no less than $1,250 per year. There are also three full tuition remission Minority Fellowships which include a minimum stipend of $3,500 available for aspiring Minority Scholars. In the second and third years of training Ph.D. students are eligible to teach undergraduate courses as Teaching Fellows. These positions earn the student a $2,400 stipend and three credits of tuition remission. In future years some entering students may receive only one-quarter remission research assistantships due to budgetary constraints. All students should submit financial aid forms at the same time that they are applying for admission to the program. Questions about funding for International students should be directed to the Program Director, Nicholas Papouchis, Ph.D., ABPP, at 718-488-1164,