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Research Opportunities

Psychology Department faculty are active scholars, with interests spanning a wide range of areas. Many are engaged in ongoing programs of research, designed to maximize opportunities for student participation.  

Students in the B.A. Program are required to participate in the PEC program when they enroll in PSY 3. Additional opportunities to conduct research are available through independent studies (PSY 197 and 198) and through research assistantships on faculty research.

Students in the M.A. program have the option of completing a research thesis as part of the degree requirement.

Students in the Ph.D. program are required to conduct independent research projects throughout the course of study. An independent research study, with a manuscript-style report of methods and findings is required in the second year of the program. In addition, all Ph.D. students are required to conduct and submit an independent doctoral dissertation study as a core requirement for the degree.

Psychology Department faculty are actively involved in scholarly research in a wide range of areas, in group collaborative work involving specific projects and in individual work with students. There are many opportunities for students to develop independent research in conjunction with faculty members. Interested students are encouraged to become familiar with faculty research, and to contact individual faculty with inquires.