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B.A. in Sociology-Anthropology

Sociology/AnthropologySociology and anthropology are allied social science fields. Dedicated to exploring the fact that every aspect of our identity is shaped by our relationships with others, these disciplines help us to understand ourselves, the people around us and those whose ways of living are very different from our own. Sociologists and anthropologists produce research that influences local, national and international policy-making.

Central to the interests of sociologists are inequality; race; gender and ethnic relations; poverty; globalization; and social institutions like the family, religion, government and business. Anthropologists address many of the same issues but with a cross-cultural approach and a stronger focus on ritual, language and symbolism. Anthropologists also bring prehistory and the place of human beings as primates into our understanding of what it means to be human. Both sociology and anthropology take a scientific approach to understanding human social behavior. While sociologists have historically relied more on statistical analysis, anthropologists have developed a distinctive method, ethnography, which involves immersion in the languages and cultures of others.

This joint degree fosters the intellectual and personal growth necessary to make us more flexible, analytical and tolerant human beings. These qualities are always in demand and are essential to working and living in an ever-more complex world.

All of the Department’s full-time faculty members hold Ph.D.s and have conducted field research in various regions around the world, bringing a global awareness to everything they teach. They are active scholars who publish and do research in addition to teaching and contributing to campus and university life.

Career Opportunities in Sociology and Anthropology

For almost a century, sociology and anthropology have been seen as indispensable learning for anyone who wants to build a career working with people. Understanding human diversity is essential in today’s world, and sociology and anthropology provide the education to understand and explain that diversity. Employers and graduate programs actively seek students who have studied liberal arts and sciences fields like sociology and anthropology. Famous students of sociology have included the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr; famous anthropology students have included Johnetta Cole (former President of Spelman College) and Yo-Yo Ma.. Their accomplishments reflect the unlimited range of careers that can start with a degree in these fields. Our graduates go on to work and obtain graduate degrees in government, human and social services, education and outreach, public and business administration, non-profit management, advertising, ministry, the arts and market research.