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Concentration in Communication Studies

The Communication Studies concentration prepares students for today's dynamic communication environment. With opportunities to interpret a wide range of theories and to practice communication skills in real-life situations, students in the B.A. in Speech program will be ready to communicate effectively in the 21st century.

Communication is the vehicle that allows humans to recall the past, think in the present and plan for the future. It enables us to manage our relationships with others, as well as interpret and interact with our environment. Communication through speech has been recognized as the hallmark of an educated person since the beginning of recorded history. Students in this concentration will develop effective language techniques, rhetorical strategies and listening skills in various ways, including through empathy, interaction, practice and evaluation in the classroom.

The field of Speech includes the study of communication in organizations, family settings, mass media and public relations. “Speech Communication”--once understood in terms of rhetoric, public speaking and rhetorical criticism--has expanded to become “Communication Studies,” which includes interpersonal, public relations, gender and intercultural communication.

With the development of media technologies that span countries and cultures, along with increased participation by women and people of color, diverse approaches to human communication and problem solving are highly valued in today’s workplace. Professionals with a background in communication studies will have a genuine advantage in tomorrow’s job market.