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Students who choose to study dance at LIU will also be prepared to succeed in the future by a strong liberal arts and science education. The Dance Department is a part of Conolly College, the campus college of liberal arts and sciences, and is responsible for providing high academic standards for its students. While the professional preparation program is geared to performance, we understand that many young artists must be able to compete in many areas of life, and therefore must have the intellectual skills to do so. The growth of each individual student is supported by small classes, intense training and a broad, general education.

The technical training schedule is replete with opportunities to learn a variety of dance techniques in keeping with the current needs of the dance world. In most instances, dancers are expected to be versatile, equipped with the flexibility to perform different styles and dance forms. Therefore we provide opportunities to train in the classic modern techniques, ballet, postmodern styles, world dance traditions and examples of fusion expression.