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Offerings for Children


Spring 2014: Session I
• January 25
• February 1, 8, 15
• March 1

Spring 2014: Session II
• March 22, 29
• April 5, 12, 26



•    Baby + Me Swimming


•    Gymnastics for Kids
•    Mandarin
•    Spanish: Early Learners
•    Swimming: Guppy
•    Swimming: Minnow

7 – 12 YEAR-OLDS

•    Circus Arts
•    Design and Build Studio
•    Robotics
•    Lemonade Stand 101: Young Entrepreneurs at Work
•    Product Design: Creativity in Action
•    Spanish: Young Learners
•    Swimming: Shark


Swim Instruction

Learn basic swimming skills, build confidence and have fun too! This class is a wonderful introduction to swimming strokes for children in Brooklyn’s best pool. Children will be arranged by experience to ensure optimal instruction for young swimmers.

Baby + Me

Baby + Me swim classes allow parents and their children to foster a shared love for swimming, instill confidence around the water and to acquire swimming and safety techniques that will be of lifelong benefit. Lessons are designed to create a positive environment that will help each participant develop water skills at their own comfort level, all the while spending quality time together. Using hands on approach, parents will be instructed on how to properly guide and teach their children to swim.

Guppy (Level 1)

Guppy Level 1 swimming classes are designed to help young swimmers feel comfortable in the water. Through the use of activities and assisted support, class emphasizes numerous swimming techniques such as: how to properly enter and exit the pool water using ladder, steps or side, blowing bubbles through mouth and nose, bobbing, retrieving submerged objects, front and back glides and floats, recovering to vertical position, rolling from front to back and back to front, and introduction to front crawl stroke and back crawl stroke.

Minnow (Level 2/3)

Minnow Level 2 and 3 swimming classes are geared towards more experienced swimmers who wish to improve upon the skills they already possess. Students learn more advanced swimming methods such as proper breathing techniques (rhythmic breathing), the ability to change directions while on back and front, as well as treading water in the deep and shallow ends of the pool. Swim instructors introduce and reaffirm numerous strokes on front and back with an emphasis on front crawl stroke, back crawl stroke, elementary backstroke, and side-stroke.

Shark (Level 4)

Shark Level 4 swimming classes are the most advanced swimming classes LIU Children's Academy has to offer. Within this level, there is a strong emphasis on stroke development and improvement. Through the use of lap swim, drills, games, and activities, students gain confidence and improve upon their front crawl stroke, back crawl stroke, elementary back stroke, and side stroke, as well as introduced to the breast stroke and butterfly stroke.

Circus Arts

Carlton Ward, a professional circus performer with Circus Amok, Becky Radway Dance Projects, and El Gato Teatro, will teach campers skills including aerial rope tricks, juggling, plate-spinning, devil sticks, clowning, tumbling and more!

Design and Build Studio

This hands-on “design and build’ class explores fundamental design principles underlying the concrete world, from suspension bridges to dams, skyscrapers to tents, and chairs to the common fork. Students learn how to plan, build, and construct their own three-dimensional environments using paper, wood, collage, cloth, clay, and more.

Gymnastics for Kids

This introductory gymnastics program for children ages three to six is designed to help your child build strength, flexibility and self-confidence all while channeling their excess energy!

Independent enough to attend classes without parents, young children learn best in a structured environment, which is why our gymnastics activities are combined with healthy doses of fun and fitness.

Lemonade Stand 101 – Young Entrepreneurs At Work

This “entrepreneurship” class explores what it means to be an entrepreneur and illustrates the skills and creativity needed to develop something new. Students learn how to see opportunities in problems, how to ideate solutions; they will build/create prototypes of their solutions and learn how to market their newly invented product or service – and have a lot of fun in the process.

Mandarin Chinese

Children are introduced to a beginning Mandarin Chinese class developing basic in listening, speaking, reading and writing Chinese. By using pinyin and traditional characters, children will be surrounded by various games, songs, visual aids, and play. Language lessons are related to numbers, greetings and farewell, colors, people and objects, animals, family members, transportation and more.

If you’ve ever wondered how your child might fare learning Chinese, this introductory class will provide young learners with a gentle beginning to the world’s most common language.

Product Design: Creativity in Action

If you could be anyone who would you be? If you were President of the World, what would your chair look like? If you were a space alien, what would your shoes look like? Students learn the basic elements of design and how they apply to familiar objects.

From discussions of their favorite products to analysis of the most effective commercials, students will be encouraged to develop their own products, as fantastical as their imaginations permit. The class then progresses from product concepts to sketching, model making, and finally real-life applications. The completed projects will be a 'finished' model of the product and a potential advertisement for it.

Robotics Session 1: Build your Own!

This hands-on class will introduce students to fundamental principals regarding electronics, motors, simple audio devices and gears by exploring and deconstructing everyday items. By the end of a 5-week session, each child will take home a robot that they built from scratch that includes a motor, LED, and a recordable audio chip.

Robotics Session 2: LEGO Mindstorm

This next level class will focus on the capabilities of the LEGO NXT robotics kit as well as LEGO Mindstorms software. The concepts to be covered over five weeks include: storing elastic potential energy, transferring direction of motion with the use of gears, application of motors in robotic design, use of touch, ultrasonic, light, and rotational sensors.

Spanish Early Leaners (3-6)

Young children are introduced to Spanish in an immersive environment filled with age-appropriate games, songs, visual aids, and play. Students learn greetings & farewells, polite words, numbers, days of the week, months of the year, opposites, weather & seasons, colors, people & objects, family members, parts of the face, parts of the body, food, animals, games and songs.

Spanish Young Learners (7-9)

This age-appropriate course is an introduction to basic conversational Spanish. Focusing on basic language skills, including everyday objects, common phrases and responses, and popular songs, the course is intended to introduce young learners to Spanish language and culture. It is also appropriate for children who live in a bilingual household or have previous experience with Spanish.