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Course Descriptions


Beginning Mandarin
Children are introduced to Mandarin Chinese in an immersive environment filled with age-appropriate games, songs, visual aids, and play. Language lessons emphasize greetings & farewells, polite words, following directions, numbers, days of the week, months of the year, opposites, weather & seasons, colors, people & objects, family members, parts of the face, parts of the body and more.
If you've ever wondered how your child might fare learning Chinese, this introductory session will provide young learners with a gentle beginning to the world's most common language.

Children are introduced to Spanish in an immersive environment filled with age-appropriate games, songs, visual aids, and play. Campers will learn greetings & farewells, polite words, following directions, numbers, days of the week, months of the year, opposites, weather & seasons, colors, people & objects, family members, parts of the face, parts of the body, food, animals, games and songs.


Beginning Graphic Design
Think you have a budding marketing whiz in your household? Well, the old adage "get started young" applies here, as our graphic design basics course gets your little Milton Glaser or Julia Hasting on their way to stardom. Activities will focus on materials, fundamentals of graphic design concepts and tools, while projects will be appropriate for inclusion in your junior designer's portfolio.

Big Games
Wherever the playing field, whatever the interest, campers will have the opportunity to play while learning key lessons in sportsmanship, confidence, and fun. Games include kickball, basketball, soccer as well as simple skills contests on all the available LIU athletic spaces, including the Wellness, Recreation and Athletic Center, the Paramount Gym, and LIU's outdoor athletic fields.

Practicing Capoeira—an Afro-Brazilian martial art that seamlessly combines elements of dance, music, self-defense, acrobatics and ritual—can enhance one's health, cultural awareness and respect for others. By teaching basic movements & variations that get young bodies fit & strong, our program seeks to better campers health and strength, self-confidence, agility and poise, introduce the Portuguese language while enhance music appreciation and technique.

Chess is ultimately a story, a drama on a stage of 64 squares and all children are capable of creating a story. An exercise of infinite possibilities for the mind, chess helps develop mental abilities to be used throughout life. Through learning chess, students improve their concentration, critical thinking, abstract reasoning, problem solving, pattern recognition, strategic planning, creativity, synthesis, and evaluation. Campers will be exposed to the creativity of chess thinking and analysis and encouraged to develop their intuitive logic. 

Circus Arts
Professional circus performers will teach campers skills including aerial rope tricks, juggling, unicycling, plate-spinning, devil sticks, clowning, tumbling and more!

Creative Drawing
This program will focus on encouraging campers to experiment with a variety of materials and textures and discover their own interests and creative identities in a fun and safe environment. The course will cover a variety of art techniques and media with a specific focus on the creative process.
By providing ample opportunities for children to express and enjoy themselves while developing fine/gross motor skills campers will develop the visual language skills to best express their own ideas. Skills include value and contrast, cross-hatching, straight-hatching, ink-wash, and general drawing skills, including drawing from life, imagination, and photography.

Design and Build Studio
This hands-on "design and build' class explores fundamental design principles underlying the concrete world, from suspension bridges to dams, skyscrapers to tents, and chairs to the common fork. Campers will learn how to plan, build, and construct their own three-dimensional environments using paper, wood, collage, cloth, clay, and more.

Hip Hop
Hip Hop dance is as native to New York City as subways, Harlem, and urban cool. Our versatile dance instructor will break down fancy moves into fun steps that anyone can master. Campers discover how to dance with confidence and style that will make them the envy of any school talent show.

Introduction To Martial Arts
Emphasizing balance, spatial awareness, coordination and confidence, LIU's martial arts course is developed by Dr. Milorad Stricevic, one of the world's foremost authorities on karate and author of Karate: Martial Art and Sport. Developing an individualized program of instruction suitable to the age, interest and ability of each participant, instruction focuses on the core principles of Dr. Stricevic's specific and highly regarded approach to martial arts.

Kids Make Movies
This course provides young filmmakers with all the equipment, skills and inspiration necessary to realize their moviemaking ideas. Through hands-on instruction, campers will hone their writing, shooting, editing and directing skills. They are also exposed to storytelling/storyboarding concepts as well as an overview of film equipment.
Course will focus on animation, using stop-motion techniques to make time-based media as accessible as possible. Students will also learn about the craft of filmmaking, including working with digital video cameras, lighting and actors.

Photography is a marvelous tool of creative, self-expression as well as precise and structured discipline. This hands-on exposure to the tools and techniques necessary to convey the power and potential of digital images will provide a wonderful introduction to photography. Campers will learn how the images they plan and capture will effectively communicate the ideas that they find compelling. Creativity is balanced by the insights into the technical side of photography, as the course will include lessons in science (light, math, etc.) and digital output.

Build a Robot
Our hands-on robotics class is a DIY experience extraordinaire! Participants learn about electronics, motors, simple audio devices and gears by exploring and deconstructing everyday items—and then putting them back together in imaginative ways. By the end of a two-week session, each child will take home a functional robot that they built from scratch that includes a motor, LED, and controller.

Spoken Word/Rap
The spoken word workshop will engage the participants of Children's Academy to delve into storytelling, writing, and performance activities. Campers will learn poetic forms and literary devices such as metaphor, simile, rhyme, and alliteration, while incorporating narrative building as part of the writing process. The class will compile written works and encourage literacy among our young participants as well as encourage public speaking through our class open mic during workshops.

Sports Clinics
Given the expertise of the NCAA Division 1 athletes who are on our counseling staff, every Fridays we offer focused clinics on basketball, soccer, tennis and more. These sessions are a wonderful way to expose children to the best athletic techniques.

Learn the basic skills of swimming build to confidence and have fun too! This class is a wonderful introduction to basic swimming strokes for children in one of the best pools in Brooklyn. Children will be arranged by experience to ensure optimal instruction for young swimmers.

Theater Arts
This hands-on Theater Arts class will engage your child with performing arts in a way that only a child can imagine. Through craftsmanship, finding solutions for “how to make things work” and performance, your child will be involved in most aspects of Theater Arts while creating a theater piece. By providing campers with both practical as well as the performative tools and knowledge, this session will help uncover your child’s theatrical talents.

Video Game Design
Playing games is a universal and timeless activity allowing children to sculpt their minds and transform their cognitive abilities. This course provides participants with a fun and exciting approach to designing and developing their own video games. Through working with game design tools, techniques, and strategies, children learn the importance of technology and creativity in the development of games.

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