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Frequently Asked Questions

The Camp

What is a typical day in the camp like?

Camp begins at the Schwartz Athletic Center at 9 a.m. when children report to their assigned camp groups. After attendance is taken, children are escorted by their counselors to participate in activities across the LIU Brooklyn campus. Snack breaks are scheduled between activities, and full-day campers eat lunch at noon.

What facilities are usually used?

Children's Academy utilizes as many facilities as LIU Brooklyn can offer, including: computer labs, campus green space, the Kumble Theater, and our athletic facilities which include our gymnasium and NCAA regulation-size swimming pool.

What classes do you offer in the camp?

Classes and activities vary by the year and can include: chess, Brazilian drumming, capoeira, comic book and 'zine design, creative drawing, digital audio design, fine arts, graphic design, hip-hop dancing, martial arts, moviemaking, photography, shadow/mask theater video game design, robotics, spoken word/rap, and swimming.

How are children paired together?

All campers are grouped by age, in teams of 12. Children are always accompanied and supervised by Children's Academy camp counselors. Children's Academy exceeds regulatory standards for NYC day camps, with a ratio of one counselor to four campers for ages 6 and under, and one counselor to six campers ages 7 and above.

Are bathroom visits based on request? Does a same-sex counselor take the children?

Yes. Campers are able to visit the bathroom whenever they need to, and campers are escorted to bathrooms by a same-sex counselor. Campers never walk through the campus unattended.

How often do the children go swimming?

Children ages 3 to 6 will swim once per week. Children ages 7 to 12 will swim twice per week.

What are the changing facilities at the pool?

Campers use the locker room adjacent to the pool. Same-sex counselors are present to assist. Campers are never unattended in the locker room or pool.

Are there any day trips?

No. Children will not be taken off campus at any point during summer camp, except in case of an emergency requiring campus evacuation.

One of the many benefits of the Children's Academy is our use of LIU Brooklyn facilities that allow us to maximize the day camp experience for your child. On trips between campus locations, like the pool and the Kumble Theater, campers are always escorted by counselors.

What should children wear to camp?

Children are required to wear socks and closed toe footwear such as sneakers. It is recommended that children wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. Hats and sunscreen are also encouraged. On swim days, all children must wear appropriate swimwear, goggles and swim caps.

What do I need to pack for my child?

On swim days, campers are urged to wear their bathing suits under their clothes to save time changing. Please be sure to pack a towel, a swim cap and goggles for your child on swim days. Also pack dry undergarments, as children will not wear their wet bathing suits after swim class.

Please pack lunch for all full-day campers.

Please make sure everything you pack, including lunch, is clearly labeled with your child's first and last name.

Who would I call if I have a question about the camp or need to communicate with my child?

The camp manager is the first point of contact while camp is in session. Parents may contact our camp manager via e-mail or telephone. Parents will receive the camp manager's contact information prior to the first day of camp.

For general inquiries, you may also call us at (718)488-1364 or (718)488-1366, or e-mail

Can my child bring electronic equipment onto campus?

An important part of the camp experience is interaction with other children and active participation in activities. Therefore children should not bring any electronic devices or wear any jewelry to camp.

Can Children's Academy staff administer EPI pens?

Yes. A trained Children's Academy staff member can administer EPI pens to children who require it.


What time is drop off? What time is pickup?

The camp day begins at 9 a.m. We allow drop off as early as 8:30 a.m. Pickup for campers ages 3 to 6 noon. Pickup for campers ages 7 to 12 is between 4 p.m. and 4:30 p.m.

Is there an extended-day program available for working parents?

Yes. Children's Academy offers an extended-day program, for children ages 7 - 12. The program extends pickup time to 5:30 p.m. During this time, children participate in quiet activities such as board games, reading or watching a movie. The rate for extended hours is $25 per day, per child.

Can my child wait outside for me after camp?

No. Unsupervised children are not allowed to roam LIU Brooklyn, or to arrive or leave camp unescorted.

Do you provide transportation?

No. Children's Academy does not provide transportation to or from LIU Brooklyn. However, we are within short walking distance from almost every major NYC public transportation line.


Will lunch be provided?

No. The Children's Academy does not serve lunch. Parents are asked to pack a nutritious meal befitting an active day. However, throughout the camp day, your child will be offered healthy snacks such as fruit and water.

What if I forget to send lunch with my child?

Counselors collect lunches in the Schwartz Athletic Center, at the start of every camp day. If a parent forgets to drop off lunch, a Children's Academy staff member will contact the parent to arrange for a meal to be provided for their child.

What if my child has food allergies?

The camp director, health director, all counselors and instructors will be informed of a camper's allergies. We encourage parents to use an allergy alert bracelet whenever possible. Children's Academy only offers food to campers at snack time, and then only allergy sensitive products. Children are not allowed to share food.

Do you have facilities to heat food if necessary?

There is a microwave in the cafeteria. A counselor can operate it for campers who need their food heated. Please be sure to send the food in a microwave safe container.


How safe will my child be?

LIU Brooklyn's secure 11-acre campus is rated the third safest college in the country. At every security post, all visitors, staff and students are required to show valid identification.

Campers do not leave campus until pickup time. Your child will not be released to anyone who is not 18 years or older and on the approved pickup list, including another parent or sibling.

Is the camp licensed?

The Children's Academy Summer Camp is fully licensed to operate by the New York City Department of Health (NYCDOH). A nurse is a part of the Children's Academy Summer Camp team and is available during all hours of camp operation.>


Are counselors and instructors CPR/First Aid trained?

Yes. The swim instructors are CPR/First Aid trained, and the health director is either a registered nurse or a graduate student in the LIU Brooklyn nursing program.

All instructors and counselors are directed to contact the health director in the event of an emergency. The health director is on site during all camp days and hours.


Who are the Children's Academy Staff?

Our camp staff include: camp manager, assistant camp manager, health director, aquatics director, athletic coordinator, camp instructors and camp counselors.

All Children's Academy camp counselors are LIU Brooklyn undergraduate and graduate students. Our goal is to select staff members who are committed to enriching the camp experience for your child. All camp counselors go through an intensive recruitment and interview process, and all camp employees are checked against the NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services Sex Offender Registry prior to being hired.  

All camp operations are overseen by senior management officials of LIU Brooklyn.

Who is teaching each session?

Academic, athletic, and creative sessions are led by experienced professionals including faculty and staff drawn from LIU's pool of outstanding employees. The Children's Academy oversight committee interviews each instructor and makes the selection. All instructors are then screened by our Human Resources department, and submit to criminal and homeland security background checks.

Tuition & Discounts

What forms do I need to submit so my child can participate in camp?

As required by the NYCDOH, all parents must submit original health screening forms, completed by their physician. The health form may be found here. Without the health form, your child will not be allowed to attend camp.

We must also receive a 4x6 color photo of your child, a brief bio of your child, an emergency contact form, and contact information for an alternate adult with permission to pick up or drop off your child in your absence.

Am I eligible for financial aid or discounts?

At this time, the Children's Academy does not offer financial aid.

We do offer one- time-only 15% discounts off the total amount for the following groups: LIU alumni, faculty, staff, students, families registering more than one sibling, families registering at one of the four open houses, and families registering one child for all three sessions.  

Discounts are one- time-only and may not be combined.

Families who register and pay in full before March 31, 2013, will receive $100 off the total tuition in addition to any other discounts.

When do I have to make full payment?

All payments for the Children's Academy must be made in full 30 days before the start of your child's camp session.