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Admissions Requirements

The Department of Occupational Therapy accepts students’ applications until January 12, 2015 (deadline for Fall 2015 Admission). The Department reserves the right to consider late applications upon availability of space. All students accepted begin the program in the Fall semester (this is based upon curriculum design). All prerequisite courses and volunteer work must be completed prior to entering the program in September 2015.

Admission requirements:

Students must have a minimum cumulative grade-point average of 3.0 on a scale of 4.0. A 3.0 minimum cumulative grade-point average also is preferred in the prerequisite science courses in order to be considered for an interview.
· Overall GPA is determined by evaluating all transcripts and courses taken during your undergraduate studies.
· Overall GPA would need to be a 3.0 in both areas at the time of the admission committee’s review (January-February) in order to be considered for an interview
·  If your overall GPA does not meet the above criteria consideration for an interview will be determined after all eligible candidates have been evaluated/interviewed and based on class seat availability.
·  Your science GPA is determined by looking at your grades for the four science courses we require. (BIO 3, BIO 4, A & PI and A & P II). If you repeated any science course and took it at the same institution, the higher grade will replace the lower grade for the GPA calculations. If you repeated the course at a different institution then both grades are averaged in the GPA.

  • Science grades more than 10 years old are not acceptable.
  • Any repeated science courses will be noted on your application and will be taken into consideration during final selection.

Information for High School Students:

  1. High school students must have a minimum high school average of 85 and a minimum combined SAT score of 1000 to apply as a Pre-Occupational Therapy candidate. They must complete 64 credits of prerequisite course prior to entering the professional phase of the program. An application to the program is necessary, please “Application Process for LIU students” for more details.
  2. In order to maintain status as a Pre-Occupational Therapy candidate and to apply to the professional phase of the program, students must maintain a minimum cumulative grade-point average of 3.0 in liberal arts and sciences courses (grades below a C are not acceptable in prerequisite courses).
  3. Freshman applicants must complete an LIU application:

    (a) Please apply online at My LIU (live link) or use the Apply Now (live link) link in the top navigation bar. For more information on the admissions process, visit the Office of Admissions (live link) Web site. (Please note live links above)