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Application Requirements

All requirements must be fulfilled prior to Monday, July 6, 2015, the start date of the program. Applicants to the DPT program must:

  • Hold a baccalaureate degree in any major
  • Have a cumulative undergraduate grade-point average (G.P.A.) of at least 3.0 on a scale of 4.0
  • Have successfully completed the following prerequisite science courses with a G.P.A. of at least 3.0 and no grades lower than C:*

     — 1 semester of general biology with lab (designed for science majors; at least 4 credits)
     — 2-semester sequence of general chemistry with lab (preferably designed for science or health-related majors; at least 4 credits each)
     — 2-semester sequence of general physics with lab (preferably designed for science or health-related majors; at least 4 credits each)
     — 1 semester of human anatomy or part 1 of a 2-semester sequence of combined anatomy-physiology (at least 4 credits; lab required)
     — 1 semester of human physiology or part 2 of a 2-semester sequence of combined anatomy-physiology (at least 3 credits; lab preferred, but not required for human physiology; lab required for combined anatomy-physiology)
     — 1 semester of statistics (at least 3 credits)

  • Submit an official score report for the GRE general test or the GRE revised general test.** The recommended minimum composite (verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning) score is 900 for the GRE general test and 290 for the GRE revised general test.
  • Provide evidence of a minimum of 36 hours of work experience in 2 different physical therapy settings, including an inpatient and an outpatient setting, with at least 18 hours in each setting.
  • Submit two completed recommendation forms (available at after starting the PTCAS application – see below):

    — One from a physical therapist
    — One from an academic reference
  • Submit an application for the DPT Program through the Physical Therapist Centralized Application Service (see Submitting an Application to the PTCAS)

NOTE: A PTCAS APPLICATION MUST BE SUBMITTED. We only review official transcripts of applicants that have applied to us that have been submitted, verified and received by us through PTCAS. 

All international and non-native applicants must take the TOEFL examination. The minimum total score accepted is 79 on the Internet-based test, 213 on the computer-based test, or 550 for the paper-based test. All international students who attended colleges and universities outside of the United States will need to submit a course-by-course evaluation of their transcript(s) by an accepted international credential evaluation agency. To view accepted agencies, please download the accepted credential evaluator’s list.

All applications will be reviewed and screened. Quality applicants will be notified and scheduled for an interview.

*Due to the fact that basic sciences form the foundation for clinical decisions by physical therapists, proficiency in all prerequisite science courses is paramount. In addition to an applicant's ability to demonstrate competency in the critical science disciplines, the Admissions Committee takes into consideration their ability to do so without having to repeat courses. As a result, applicants must be aware that while a minimum grade of C or better is mandatory for each and every science prerequisite, the Admissions Committee also reviews an "average" science grade for any prerequisite course taken multiple times. In addition, online courses are not accepted to fulfill any of the course prerequisites. All course prerequisites must be college-level courses. Advanced placement courses are subject to review and approval. Any science prerequisite course taken more than 10 years prior to the application will not be accepted.

**Visit  for more information about the GRE revised general test. The LIU Brooklyn Physical Therapy Department code is 0333 which is needed for the PTCAS to receive your GRE results. Applicants applying for the early decision cycle must have taken the GRE general test by July 31, 2014. All others must have taken the GRE revised general test by March 1, 2015.

Submitting an Application to the PTCAS

The Department of Physical Therapy at LIU Brooklyn participates in the Physical Therapist Centralized Application Service, known as PTCAS. In addition to submitting an application for admission to LIU Brooklyn, those applying to the DPT program for the 2015 entering class must: 

  • Visit to begin the PTCAS application process
  • Read the instructions available at the PTCAS Web site carefully
  • Select "Login to PTCAS" to complete the application process
  • Select “Long Island University – Brooklyn campus” as a designated physical therapy program