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Program of Study for Respiratory Care Practitioners

Respiratory care professionals can earn the B.S. in Respiratory Care that focuses on the knowledge and skills needed for advanced respiratory care practice. A national survey determined that respiratory care managers felt strongly favorable toward practitioners completing a baccalaureate degree and gave preference to a respiratory care degree major over other degree majors.

Respiratory Care Bar Chart

Candidates for the practitioner program must hold the NBRC CRT to receive three (3) life experience credits. Those Respiratory Care professionals who have advanced practice credentials (RRT, NPS, AE-C, etc.) or who have pursued other measures of professional growth may receive additional life experience credits with proper documentation. Life experience credits for military service also will be considered. The granting of life experience credits follows the Campus Bulletin guidelines and requires that a small fee be paid for posting to the student's transcript. Degree candidates without the NBRC CRT credential need to complete the degree requirements for the entire B.S. in Respiratory Care.