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Degree Requirements

Students are required to complete a total of 128 credits: 84 credits in the core curriculum and 44 credits in social work. While anyone may complete the paperwork and declare social work as a major (form does need the chair's signature), to stay in the Social Work Program all students must pass SWK 101 with a B or better before they are allowed to take advanced courses (SWK 170, 171,182 and 183), to perform field work, and to become an official candidate for the Bachelor of Arts in Social Work (BASW) degree. Transfer students can apply for acceptance to the Program at time of admission to the University, or any time thereafter.

Students are advised to keep the following formula for graduation in mind:

  • Students must complete 128 overall credits, 84 credits in core curriculum and 44 credits in social work.
  • Students must have 48 credits in advanced courses. Advanced courses are courses with the number 100 and higher (e.g. Physical Education 22 does not count as an advanced course. However, Physical Education 101 does).
  • Students must take 44 credits in social work. (All Social work courses are advanced courses, thereby fulfilling 41 of the 48 required advanced level courses).


Course Credits
English 16 - English Composition 
Speech 3 - Oral Communication 
Orientation Seminar 
Core Seminar (COS 50)

Core Curriculum (courses that must be completed)


Course Credits
English 61, 62, 63, or 64 - European, American, or Non-Western Literatures (Choose two or four courses) 
Philosophy 61 and 62 - Philosophical Explorations 
Foreign Language  
Art, Dance, Theater or Music 61

Social Science

Course Credits
Anthropology 5  
Economics 1 or 2 or Political Science 11 3
Psychology 3 3
Sociology 3 3
History 1 and 2
Social Science Capstone 223 or 224 3
Social Science Upper Division Electives 6 or 9

Science and Mathematics

Course Credits
Mathematics 15 (4 cr) or Math 16 (3 cr) 4 or 3
Physics 20 4
Chemistry 21 3
Biology 22 3

Computer Science Requirements

All undergraduate students admitted or readmitted after Fall 2002 must take the Computer Literacy Exam. Only transfer students with an accepted Associates degree are exempt. Students will not be allowed to graduate until they have either passed the examination or completed and passed all three computer science courses.

  • Option#1: Complete 3 Computer Science Courses: CS 9, CS 9A & CS 9.
  • Option #2: Take and pass all 3 parts of the Computer Literacy Exam.

Transfer Students

Transfer students with an Associate’s degree (AA or AS) are not required to complete the core curriculum. See your advisor to determine the number of credits needed and which classes will fulfill necessary credits. The Admissions Office at LIU receives and processes all admission applications and is responsible for reviewing transcripts and acceptance of transfer credits. In cases when Admissions accepts a student who transfers with an Associates in Arts or Associates in Science degree from a regionally-accredited college or university, that student is not required to complete the core curriculum. This student would work closely with his/her social work faculty advisor to ensure he/she obtains all the necessary credits and meet all additional major course requirements for graduation. If a student transfers in from a college or university with courses taken in Human Services or Social Work, the social work faculty advisor works closely with the Admissions Office to help determine which, if any, of the Human Services or Social Work courses are transferable. The BASW Program will not accept Human Service or Social Work credits for our Practice courses (SWK 170 and 171) or for Fieldwork Placement (SWK 180 and SWK 181) or Field Seminar (SWK 182 and SWK 183).

Life Experience Credit

The BASW Program at LIU Brooklyn does not grant social work course credit for life experience or previous work experience.

Social Work Curriculum (major courses that must be completed)

Course Credits
SWK 101 - Introduction to Social Work   3
SWK 114 - Social Welfare History & Institutions
SWK 115 - Social Welfare and Policy Analysis 3
SWK 116 - Diversity
SWK 121 - Research 3
SWK 123 - Human Behavior in the Social Environment I 3
SWK 124 - Human Behavior in the Social Environment II 3
SWK 130 - Professional Writing in Social Work 3
SWK 170 - Social Work Practice I 3
SWK 171 - Social Work Practice II 3
SWK 180 - Social Work Fieldwork I 4
SWK 181 - Social Work Fieldwork II 4
SWK 182 - Fieldwork Seminar I 3
SWK 183 - Fieldwork Seminar II 3

Social Work Electives

(Social Work electives are not typically taught every semester. All SWK elective courses offered fulfill the core curriculum for upper division social science electives).

Course Credits
SWK 122 - Gerontology
SWK 128 - Social Work and Criminal Justice
SWK 131 - Contemporary Challenges in Community Mental Health 3