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Course of Study

Tier I: Diversity, Language and Literacies in Urban Education (6 credits)

TAL 801 Issues in Urban Education 3 credits
TAL 802 Language and Literacy 3 credits
TAL 810 Early Development 3 credits

Tier II: Observation and Description of Urban Learners (12 credits)

TAL 803 Perspective on Disabilities 3 credits

TAL 830

Classroom Inquiry I 3 credits
TAL 844 Environments, Practices and Play in Early Childhood 3 credits
TAL 846 Family Literacy and Parental Collaboration 3 credits

Tier III: Inquiry of Urban Classrooms and Teaching Practices (9 credits)

TAL 845 Math and Science in Early Childhood 3 credits
TAL 873 Early Literacy 3 credits
TAL 880 Classroom Inquiry II 3 credits

Tier IV: Advanced Inquiry and Practice (4-6 credits)

TAL 881A* Student Teaching: Early Childhood 3 credits


TAL 881B** Student Teaching for the Practicing Teacher: Early Childhood 1 credit
TAL 971 Capstone Seminar 3 credits

* For students seeking 1st initial certification.
**For students seeking 2nd initial certification.

State-Mandated Training

Students must also complete the following non-credit workshops offered through the School of Continuing Studies or present proof of equivalent training elsewhere:

ALCX 702 Child Abuse Identification and Reporting
ALCX 703 Violence Prevention
ALCX 704 Fire Safety, Substance Abuse and Abduction Prevention
ALCX 705  Harassment/Bullying/CyberBullying/Discrimnation