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Special Programs

Teacher with StudentThe School of Education has several special programs that help to prepare individuals by providing them with hands-on professional experience.

The I-START Program is designed to provide pre- and post-program placement, induction and support activities to prepare highly qualified teachers of English Language Learners (ELL) through a cohesive program that meets New York State Learning Standards for English as a Second Language and integrates empirically-based practice and scientifically valid research.

Long Island University’s Brooklyn Campus has worked successfully in collaboration with the New York City Teaching Fellows Program and the New York City public schools since 2001 in the areas of Childhood Urban Education, Adolescent Urban Education and Teaching English as a Second Language as well as Teaching Children and Adolescents with Disabilities in Urban Contexts, and Students with Disabilities: Middle Childhood.

The School of Education’s Paraprofessional Program welcomes paraprofessionals who have been working side by side with teachers in the New York City public schools and want to begin their journey to become a classroom teacher.

The Brooklyn and Hudson campuses offer the New York State approved Cross-Campus Online Bilingual Extension Programs to certified teachers currently working in bilingual settings without the the New York State bilingual extension. All courses are fully online and designed and implemented by full time faculty. Tuition scholarships are available to eligible bilingual special education teachers.