Harriet Rothkopf Heilbrunn Academic Nursing Center

Harriet Rothkopf Heilbrunn B'32 Academic Nursing Center

The Harriet Rothkopf Heibrunn B’32 Academic Nursing Center was established in 2006, with a generous gift made by its namesake. The mission of the Center, in keeping with the standards of the profession and with Long Island University’s mission of Access and Excellence, is to reduce health disparities among high-risk populations by providing accessible and affordable, primary, secondary and tertiary prevention services that focus on risk assessment, education, counseling and referral for vulnerable, underserved populations in the downtown Brooklyn area. Educational and referral programs for health and wellness promotion and for management of chronic diseases also are emphasized.

In addition, the Harriet Rothkopf Heibrunn B’32 Academic Nursing Center seeks to integrate student clinical experience and faculty practice in the effective provision of education, health care and research, which is determined by the needs of the community.

What is an Academic Nursing Center

An academic nursing center is a community-based health center that is operated and staffed by registered professional nurses and by nurse practitioners under the sponsorship of a university. It provides the community with ready access to education, to counseling for health promotion, health maintenance and prevention of illness, and to treatment of health problems using a multidisciplinary approach. Working within a nursing framework, these types of centers acknowledge that people with health care needs as well as their family members and significant others are all partners in managing a patient’s health and well-being.

All Nursing Center services and patient information are confidential and are covered by the HIPPA Privacy Rule. All participants are asked to sign a consent form in order for services to be provided.


Numerous health-related events are held throughout the year for members of the Campus community as well as for members of the community at large. Please check this site for event dates sponsored by the Nursing Center.
The Campus’ Wellness, Recreation and Athletic Center also hosts numerous health- and wellness-related events and provides a broad array of services in which members of the Campus community and the surrounding community can participate and from which they can benefit.

Student Nursing Association

The Student Nursing Association (SNA) of the Harriet Rothkopf Heilbrunn School of Nursing is an active chapter of the National Student Nurses’ Association (NSNA). Participation in NSNA activities offers students opportunities for involvement and leadership skills development at the state and national level as well as within the School of Nursing. Membership also entitles students to receive Imprint, NSNA’s official magazine, which is written by and for nursing students; to participate in a student loan and scholarship program; to attend the NSNA annual convention; and to receive reduced rates on a number of beneficial, career-related products and services. For additional information on NSNA’s activities, visit www.nsna.org.



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