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Degree Requirements

The Bachelor of Science/Master of Science Program is designed for registered nurses with associate degrees in nursing who wish to fulfill their career goals by combining the baccalaureate and master’s of science degree in nursing. The program is a 159-credit program that leads to a B.S./M.S. in Nursing/Adult Nurse Practitioner degree.

Criteria for Eligibility

Candidates for either track must: 

  • be a Registered Nurse with an Associate Degree in Nursing 
  • be licensed in the United States 
  • have a minimum grade point average of 3.0 in science and nursing courses 
  • have a minimum of one year of clinical experience, two years preferred 
  • present three letters of reference 
  • complete a satisfactory personal interview

Program Model for Nurse Practitioner Program

All core, humanities, distribution, science and mathematics, and ancillary requirements are the same as those for the R.N./B.S. Program.

Undergraduate Nursing Requirements

Nursing credits transferred from Associate Degree in Nursing: 31

B.S. Nursing Core

Courses Credits
Nursing 297 Introduction to Baccalaureate Nursing Ed 3
Nursing 299 Health Assessment for RNs 3
Nursing 396 Leadership and Management I 3
Nursing 398 Nursing Research 3
Nursing 496 Health Promotion III 4
Nursing 497 Health Promotion IV (Nursing in the Community) 5
Total 21

Graduate Component Shared by Both Programs

Courses Credits
Nursing 610 Nursing Research 3
Nursing 611 Advanced Medical Physiology 3
Nursing 620 Theoretical Basis of Advanced Practice Nursing 3
Nursing 670 Health Care Policy, Issues and Ethics 2
Total 11

Graduate Component

Courses Credits
Nursing 612 Pathophysiology for Advanced Practice 3
Nursing 613 Health Care of the Geriatric Client 2
Nursing 614 Primary Care of the Adult 2
Nursing 630 The Advanced Practice Role 2
Nursing 634 Advanced Physical Assessment 3
Nursing 644 Pharmacology 4
Nursing 650 Diagnosis and Management I 4
Nursing 654 Preceptored Practicum in Primary Care of the Adult I 5
Nursing 660 Diagnosis and Management II 4
Nursing 664 Preceptored Practicum in Primary Care of the Adult II 5
Total 34