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Transfer Credits

Registered nurses who are graduates from accredited associate degree programs and who are admitted into the program may receive up to 64 transfer credits, including required core curriculum, prerequisite and distribution credits. Transferred credits also may include up to 31 credits in nursing courses for work previously completed. To complete the required 128 credits for a baccalaureate degree, all R.N. students must successfully complete all courses for which no transferred credit has been received. Any additional credits required to complete 128 credits may be taken as electives from the liberal arts and sciences or from nursing.

Registered nurses who are graduates of hospital-based (diploma) or foreign schools of nursing may be admitted to the R.N.-B.S. Connection Program. Upon completion of the NLN Mobility Profile II examinations, they may receive up to 31 credits for previously completed work. Graduates from hospital-based or foreign schools of nursing, also must take the Campus’ placement examinations in mathematics and in English. Graduates from foreign schools of nursing who successfully completed the Commission on Graduates of Foreign Schools of Nursing (CGFNS) examinations will be awarded 31 nursing credits for previous work completed. Graduates from foreign schools of nursing who did not take the CGFNS examinations must take the Mobility Profile II examinations. Mobility Profile II examinations validate knowledge of care of the adult, the client with mental disorders, the childbearing client and the child. Students who fail to achieve an acceptable grade on any portion of the Mobility Profile II examinations may receive credit for the failed portion by registering for, and successfully completing, the appropriate generic nursing course.