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Student Academic-Related Questions

Student with BooksLIU Brooklyn offers a top-notch academic experience no matter which major you choose. Below are some of the most frequently asked question about our academic programs and services. You can visit the Academics website to gain a better understanding of the breadth and depth of our programs and to explore the wealth of academic resources we offer to provide you with the highest quality education possible.

What types of degree programs are offered at LIU Brooklyn?

Whether you have known what you want to do all along, or you are still thinking things over, we can help you to put your best foot forward by coaching you as to which majors are most likely to utilize your talents and to incorporate your interests. Our six schools and colleges will provide you with the flexibility to explore a broad range of options. We offer a large and diverse selection of undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degrees in addition to numerous advanced certificates and continuing education courses. Visit the Academics section of the website to see a comprehensive listing.

When will I be assigned my academic advisor?

During their first two years of study, many undergraduate students work with the LIU Brooklyn Office of Student Development and Retention. However, some students will immediately begin working directly with their academic department and the advising staff for their particular area of study. Transfer students with more than 24 credits immediately meet with their departments to obtain course and curriculum guidance. Graduate students work directly with their program advisors and faculty liaisons.

Can I take classes outside my program of study?

The Brooklyn Campus offers students the opportunity to take elective courses that may be considered out of the scope of their planned curriculum. Keep in mind, that you may also complete a minor program of study. Choosing a minor is a great way for you to explore an area that you are passionate about, but for which you are not pursuing a degree. The value of your degree is enhanced when you have a major field of study and complement it with a minor. Completing a minor is not required, however, if you choose to do so, there are a multitude of options from which to choose.

How many credits are needed to graduate?

Most majors require a minimum of 128 credits. However, it always is a good idea to visit the specific degree page to get an in-depth overview of the requirements related to that program. You can access these areas through the Schools & Colleges section of the website, or you can go directly through to the degree page by navigating through the Academics section of the website.

What is the core curriculum?

The core curriculum provides a solid foundation for all undergraduate learning at LIU Brooklyn. It offers a common educational experience that is academically challenging, and that allows you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you. Through classroom discussion and independent work, you’ll learn to appreciate different perspectives, to investigate new ideas and to remain open to the opinions of others. You’ll also develop the analytical thinking and communication skills that are critical to prospective employers. You can visit the Academic Programs website to learn more.

What types of academic support services does LIU Brooklyn offer?

LIU Brooklyn offers a broad array of academic support services to ensure that you get the most out of your education. Through its Academic Reinforcement Center you can be tutored in Math, hone your writing skills and take placement exemption and mastery examinations to support the process of learning and growing. Visit the Academic Reinforcement Center to learn more.


What is the HEOP program?

Access is critical to all of those interested in earning a college degree. The Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP) provides a wide range of services for New York State students who, because of economic or academic circumstances, would not otherwise be able to attend college, but have a strong desire to earn a degree. The HEOP office provides personalized attention throughout your college career along with tutoring, financial assistance and course counseling to pave the way to success. HEOP grants are available to eligible entering freshmen and a limited number of transfer students from other New York State-funded opportunity programs. Visit the HEOP website for more information.

What is the Honors Program?

Designed to provide qualified students enrolled in all majors with the strong leadership skills and cultural sensitivity necessary to succeed in a complex world, the Honors Program offers a small college experience within the larger university environment. The Program fosters a thriving intellectual community that features small classes, a high degree of student-faculty interaction and an emphasis on experiential education. Applicants with an 85 average and above, and/or an SAT score of 1050 are eligible. Learn more by visiting the Honors website.