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Residence Hall-Related Questions

Student at DeskThough space is limited, LIU Brooklyn houses more than 800 students in its residence halls, which include Conolly Hall and the Hoyt Street residence, the latter of which is intended for seniors and graduate students only. Below you will find some of the most commonly asked questions about living on campus. If you are an incoming freshman who is considering residing in one of our residences, we urge you to apply early for consideration. For more information about living on campus, visit the Residence Life section of the website.

How does housing work at LIU Brooklyn?

Housing at LIU Brooklyn is assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Students in the admissions process may apply for housing however, a deposit and assignment will not be processed until the student has been admitted to the Campus. The student’s priority in the housing assignment is based upon the date of admission, in addition to the completion of the housing application.

Students must have a cleared financial bill (deadline for cleared bills is determined through Residence Life) in order to keep their housing assignment. If a student has not fulfilled their financial obligations, their housing assignment may be given to another student on a wait list.

Keep in mind that if you are seeking living accommodations, the neighborhood surrounding LIU Brooklyn is considered one of fastest growing, trendiest areas in New York City. Many of our students live in off-campus residences and continue to enjoy a well-rounded college experience.

What types of accommodations are available in the residence halls?

Conolly Hall provides three types of air-conditioned accommodations from which resident students can choose: standard rooms, suites and apartments. Double- and triple-standard rooms are assigned to new students and every effort is made to house first-time college students together. All accommodations are furnished with extra-long, twin-sized beds, dressers, desks and chairs.

What other facilities are available in Conolly Hall?

Located on the first floor of Conolly Hall, are two very comfortable lounges where students can relax and unwind. The recreational lounge has a 52-inch screen television, a DVD/video player and a pool table. The Blackbird Cafeteria for resident student dining also is located on the lobby floor of the building. There is a 24-hour study lounge and a computer lab (with Internet access) on the second floor. A laundry room with coin-operated machines is located on the basement level. Additionally, resident students can receive letters and packages through the Residence Hall mailroom.

Are cable television and Internet services provided in the residence halls?

Internet service is provided in all rooms at no additional cost, however, you will need to provide your own Ethernet card and cable. Time Warner cable television service is provided free of charge as well, and features access to HBO, MTV, USA, the History Channel, A&E, VH1, Lifetime and other popular stations.

Are resident students required to have a meal plan? How does the meal plan work?

Students assigned to suites and standard rooms are required to choose from two different full meal plans. Those assigned to apartments are not required to have a meal plan. Students employed full-time can choose a limited plan. The Blackbird Cafeteria is conveniently located on the lobby floor of Conolly Hall. The Cafeteria is open from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, and 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Saturday and Sunday. There also are two other cafeterias located on campus, the Luntey Commons and the Humanities Building Cafeteria, where students may use their meal card. The meal card functions as a debit card. You will have the amount of money you select placed in your account and you may access it at any of our campus cafeterias. Each time food is purchased, the identification card is swiped and the cost is automatically deducted. Visit the Dining Services website for more information.

Can you suggest some items that I should bring with me if I choose to live in the residence halls?

Be sure to bring linens and a pillow for your bed. Twin-sized, extra-long sheets will fit perfectly. Also, bring towels and a laundry bag/basket. Stereos, televisions, computers and wall hangings are optional. Residents not assigned to an apartment should consider bringing a small (1.7 cubic feet) or medium (2.5 cubic feet) refrigerator. They also can be rented for the school year through the Office of Residence Life and Housing.

Are the residence halls safe and secure?

The campus and its residence halls are secured 24 hours a day. Public safety officers are stationed at the entrance of each residence hall at all times. Students are required to present their ID to gain entrance into both residence halls.

Do students living in the residence halls have guest privileges?

Academic success and the security of our student are top priorities in our residence halls. Accordingly, each resident’s guest privileges are limited to a reasonable number of visitors throughout the week. Additionally, all roommates must consent to having an overnight guest. For insurance purposes, individuals under the age of 16 are not allowed in either residence hall. Also, parents can be signed in as day guests only. Parents are not permitted to stay overnight in a student’s room; however, the Conolly Hall guest room can be reserved in advance by contacting the Office of Residence Life and Housing.