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Notification of Admission Decision

Admissions Notification LetterStudents will be notified of the admissions decision shortly after all the necessary documents (application, official transcript(s), official test score report, etc.) are received. Once a candidate is accepted, he or she is required to make a deposit, by the date indicated in their offer of admission, in order to reserve a place in the entering class.* Some students may need to make additional deposits to secure housing. The amount of the deposit fee varies by program (please visit the tuition and costs schedule). The deposit is applied to the first semester’s tuition.

If you have any questions about the required deposit, please contact the Office of Admission for assistance.

*Deposit fees are not refundable should the student decide at a later date not to attend the Brooklyn Campus.

Deferring and Reactivating

Students admitted for a current/active term may elect to enroll in a future term. In order to qualify for a deferral or reactivation, students must:

  • Be admitted
  • Not have already attended a class/course for term admitted
  • Indicated prior to the start of the term that they wish to enroll for a future term
  • Have successfully completed all coursework presented for evaluation; final transcripts are received and meet terms of enrollment

Students who wish to "defer" are not intending to enroll in courses at any other college or university. Deferred students will be moved to a future term without re-evaluation of academic record.

Reactivated students are requesting that their application be moved to a future term for consideration. However, admission for that future term is not guaranteed. Often students electing to enroll at another college or university for the interim between original admit term and future intended enrollment term are considered "reactivated" students. Reactivated applicants must submit all updated academic records for the re-evaluation process.