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Admissions Policies & Requirements

Student Writing in Notebook ADMISSION TO THE UNIVERSITY

Freshmen Students

Entering freshmen are admitted with the expectation that they will profit from the educational opportunities provided by LIU Brooklyn. Students are reviewed, and admitted, in most cases, directly into a bachelor or bachelor of fine arts degree. Some professional degree programs offer undergraduate students the opportunity to prepare for the professional phase by admitting to a “pre-professional” track. Under those circumstances, admission to the professional phase is not guaranteed and students may be required to “re-apply” through the department for admission to the professional phase once the necessary coursework has been completed.

The Admissions Office will take into consideration for final admission decision the following: grades in high school and, if applicable, in college-level course work; prior academic record relative to the applied for program; SAT/ACT test scores; tests of English as a foreign language (TOEFL, IELTs or iBT); personal statement; letter(s) of recommendation; interview (if required by department); portfolio/audition (as required by department). Additionally, students' applications will be assessed for evidence of academic progression and potential for success at the university level. Evidence of leadership, community service, and life experience affecting students' previous academic record will be taken into account but may not affect the final admission decision if the student is not academically prepared for direct admission to their program of choice or for admission to one of the University's alternative admission programs. Students must provide the Office of Admissions a final, official high school transcript prior to enrolling at the University.

Most applicants accepted as freshmen have completed a college preparatory program including*:

  • 4 Carnegie units of English
  • 3 Carnegie units of mathematics (Algebra I, II and Geometry)
  • 3 Carnegie units of sciences (w/ laboratory)
  • 3 Carnegie units of social science
  • 2 Carnegie units of foreign language (in sequence)

Candidates for the Bachelor of Science degree who plan to major in natural science or mathematics are to include in their high school preparation intermediate algebra (algebra II), trigonometry, one unit of biology, and one of chemistry or physics.

*Additional academic requirements may be required, or strongly recommended. Please review the individual program sections of this catalog for more details.

Transfer Students

LIU Brooklyn welcomes students from two-year or four-year regionally accredited colleges/universities. A transfer student's application for admission will be reviewed on the basis of work done as a matriculated student, provided the student has demonstrated competence in the equivalent coursework to the degree/program in they are applying. Students presenting fewer than 24 transferrable credits will also be evaluated based on their high school (or equivalent) coursework.

In some cases, students may apply for a second bachelor's degree if they are changing careers or pursuing a professional degree like Nursing or Pharmacy. However, bachelor's degree holders may, in some cases, be better candidates for Advanced or Graduate degree programs. The granting of transfer credit does not affect specific divisional or departmental requirements.

A credit evaluation of previously completed coursework will be included as part of the student's final decision process but may not always accompany the student's admission decision. An official evaluation will be posted to the student's LIU Brooklyn record when final official transcripts have been received by the Admissions Office. All final official transcripts must be received prior to the student starting his or her studies at LIU Brooklyn.

Coursework is transferrable to LIU Brooklyn if it is equivalent to a course currently offered at LIU Brooklyn and was earned at a regionally accredited college or university with a grade of C or better. Courses not approved for transfer through the admissions process may be reviewed at the departmental level and after approval credited to the student's transcript. Other transferrable credit considered may include: Advanced Placement credit (3 or higher in all subjects), International Baccalaureate credit (HL 4 or higher), Advanced Levels (A,B, or C), CLEP (score of 50 or higher) and Excelsior College credit.

To qualify for the bachelor's degree, students admitted with advanced standing must complete in senior residence a minimum of 32 credits, including 15 credits of advanced work in their major in all schools and faculties. Advanced standing credit is provisional until students have completed at least 32 credits with a grade point average of 2.0 (C). To qualify for graduation, all students must also complete all other graduation and major requirements, including the requisite number of credits in the liberal arts and sciences.

Students wishing to transfer from other campuses of Long Island University are required to complete the LIU Brooklyn application for new students and must be in good academic standing. Transcripts and copies of the student's original records will be sent upon filing a request form in the Registrar's Office of the parent institution. Admission to LIU Brooklyn programs is not guaranteed and is subject to a complete application evaluation.

LIU Brooklyn may admit recipients of associate degrees from accredited community or junior colleges. Such students will be accepted as juniors in the bachelor's degree program with full value of credit (60 or 64 credits), unless they have specialized in a highly technical or professional program, and will be programmed for their junior year as if they had completed all of the first two years of required work. In their subsequent required credits, they will be expected to complete the requirements of the chosen major and continue so far as possible toward completing other Long Island University requirements, except that the total number of credits will not normally exceed 128.

Possible exceptions to the foregoing may occur for Education majors, Physical Education majors, Health Science majors, professional phase Pharmacy students, professional phase Nursing majors, Science majors, Accounting majors intending to qualify to sit for the CPA examinations, students intending to major in a field other than that for which they received the associate degree, professional phase Pharmacy students and students planning to prepare to teach at the secondary school level.

To qualify for the bachelor's degree, all students must also complete the requisite number of credits in the liberal arts and sciences. Transfer students are evaluated for their prior academic achievement for their ability to meet curricular requirements for the intended program of study at LIU Brooklyn. Cumulative grade point averages as well as grade point average for specific areas of study (i.e. overall science G.P.A.) may be considered for admission to specific areas of study.

LIU Brooklyn has articulation agreements with Kingsborough Community College, LaGuardia Community College, Borough of Manhattan Community College, New York City College of Technology and Bergen Community College for selected plans of study in the School of Business, Public Administration and Information Sciences, the School of Education and the School of Health Professions.

International Students

International students are welcomed to study at LIU Brooklyn. Freshmen and transfer students are evaluated for overall academic achievement as well as English language proficiency. Students meeting the academic admission standards for a program of study but not meeting English proficiency requirements (61-79) may be offered Conditional Admission to LIU Brooklyn. Students offered conditional admissions may enroll in a degree program after successfully completing the ELI level 8 of the Intensive English Language Program or providing evidence of English proficiency.

In order to enter the United States to study, an international student will need a Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant (F-1) Student Status (SEVIS Form I-20). When applying for an F-1 visa, the applicant must submit a valid Form 1-20 to the United States Embassy or Consulate in his or her country. In addition to these forms, the applicant will have to present a passport and evidence of financial support.

Long Island University requires the following information to prepare a Form I-20:

  • Name – first and last (exactly as it appears on one's passport)
  • Address (foreign home address)
  • Mailing address (if different from home address)
  • Country of citizenship
  • Country of birth
  • Copy of passport (pages with biographical information only)
  • SEVIS number (if previously assigned to by the INS)
  • Copy of current I-20 (if currently studying in the United States)

Long Island University will send the I-20 Form to the applicant after he or she has gained admission, submitted evidence of financial support and submitted the tuition deposit in the amount of $250.00 (USD).