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Frequently Asked Questions About Placement/Testing

Q: I don’t understand my placement test result – what does it mean?
First, let students/parents/guidance counselors know that students will get a full review of their scores at A&R day. Then, ask for the student’s placement scores & intended major:

English 13 3 credit, remedial course. “Prepares student to write at the college level.”
*Students cannot place into ENG 13 by SAT
English 14 3 credit, remedial course. “Prepares student to write at the college level.”
English 16 3 credit, required core class. Highest placement score, first English composition score.
DSM 01/09 0 credit, remedial course. *Students cannot place into 01 or just 09 by SAT.
1509 Either MTH 15, 4 credit course (Nursing, HS, LAS) or DSM 09, 0 credit remedial course (Business, OT, Pharmacy, Bio, CHM, PT).
101615 Either MTH 15 (see above), MTH 16- 3 credits, required core math class (Business, OT) or MTH 10- 3 credits, pre-pre calculus. (PH, Hard Science, PT).
EXP Exempt – student is exempt from remedial courses, can go directly into first required math course up to MTH 30. Highest score possible.

*If a student places below the first required class, plug the Summer Institute. This is a free intensive summer session that will assist students in upping their placement score.
*Students are automatically placed into courses based on their SAT scores.

Q: I am taking a College Now/AP/IB/Community College course for Math/English. Do I still need to take the Placement Test?
These courses trump placement if the student is eligible for credit. If the student already has completed the course or taken the AP, you can let them know if they would receive credit or transfer them to Admissions if you are unsure.

Q: My letter says I have to come in on {insert assigned day here} but I can’t – can I reschedule my test?
Yes – transfer the student to the Testing Center at x1392 to reschedule their placement test. Students can also just walk in –

Q: I live out of state – do I have to come all the way to Brooklyn to take the placement test?
No – students can request to have the English or the Math Placement Test proctored by a representative from their high school by contacting the Testing Center. They can also take the online English assessment. Math is not offered online.

Q: Can I see a practice test before taking the real thing?
Yes -

Q: Will my placement test results hold back my Nursing/Pharmacy/Health progression?
Handle this question with care. Remind the individual that students will receive a full break down at A&R day of their requirements and progression. If a student is intending PH or Nursing, we know that their progression could be set back by remedial placement scores. You can let the student know that a remedial score will prepare them to do well in their core classes, and with Winter and Summer classes they can catch up. Also – plug the summer institute!

Q: I’m not happy with my score – should I retake my SATs?
No! If a student is unhappy with their placement score, they should take the LIU Brooklyn Placement Test. While we can consider later SAT scores if they retake the test, it is not necessary for them to retake the test just to improve their placement results.

General FAQs

Where can you find a list of the books you need for class?
- Go to
- Go to Textbook
- Then select find textbooks
- Then visit or

Things you need for your dorm?
- Laptop, toiletries, storage bins, comforter, shower slippers

What loan vendors can I use?
- Discover, wellsfurgo, any credit union

Where is the library circulation desk since the 3rd floor is closed?
- On the 5th floor
- 2nd floor – IT labs
- 4th tutoring

This week id Greek week

How can I join a club?
- Join their interest meeting or go to the 3rd floor of the S building

- Avena lounge – Met café building behind the security around the stairs, go downstairs

Where should I check my homework assignments other than the syllabus?
- Check blackboard

Why should I check my email?
- You make miss important dates/events/times

  • See who your success coach is on your My LIU account and also know your instructor and office hours.
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