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Smart Scholars

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Smart ScholarsThe Smart Scholars Program at Long Island University/Boys & Girls High School College Academy provides outstanding high school students with the unique opportunity to become part of an innovative and rigorous learning community. Our program stresses learning, achievement, and persistence all year round through specially designed supplemental services. With these resources, our students are able to address their academic and collective learning needs more effectively and thereby seamlessly enter a college environment.


What do students in the Smart Scholars Program do?

Participating students dually enroll at both the Boys & Girls High School to earn a Regents diploma and at Long Island University to earn at least 24 transferable college credits. In addition, the Smart Scholars Program provides in-school mentoring seminars as well as weekend and summer sessions on the university’s campus that strictly focus on academic enrichment and college-readiness.

How do I become a Smart Scholar?

Entry into the Smart Scholars Program is contingent upon admission to the Long Island Univeristy/Boys & Girls High School College Academy. Applicants are considered based on their academic performance as well as their personal strengths, motivation, and potential as evidenced in essays, recommendations, and out-of-class involvements.

Please contact Bridget Carrington at for information regarding eligibility, selection criteria, and application deadlines.

How are students’ families involved in the Smart Scholars Program?

Parents and family members of our students are equal partners in the Smart Scholars Program by creating a supportive home environment that assists their children in participating fully in the program. In order to achieve this environment, our parents and family members engage in retreats, workshops, and other activities tailored just for them. Students and their families are required to sign a learning contract upon admittance to the program to acknowledge their full commitment.

How can I find out more about the Smart Scholars Program?

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Michael Wiltshire
Principal and Chief Child Advocate
Boys and Girls High School
1700 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11213
718-467-1700 ext. 1210

Tyron Vereen
Director, Smart Scholars Program
Pratt Building, 1st floor
One University Plaza
Brooklyn, NY 11201