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Bill Clearance

Through the My LIU portal, you can view the amount of funding you have received in the form of financial aid, whether it be federal aid, state aid or a Campus-funded award.

As TAP and Federal Pell Grant Awards form the foundation of the scholarship and grant programs, it is very important for eligible students to receive these awards. If the Office of Student Financial Services believes the student is eligible for these awards, the scholarship amounts authorized for Bursar bill clearance will reflect them. If these awards are not received, the student will be responsible for any balances occurring therein.

Financial aid award notices will also provide scholarship and grant recipients with estimates of their eligibility for TAP and Federal Pell Grants. In addition, they will provide information on the other types of financial aid for which a student qualifies. The Integrated Student Financial Services Office will consider all forms of assistance when negotiating bill clearance.