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Chairman of the Board of Trustees' Remarks

EDWARD TRAVAGLIANTI, Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Commencement Address - May 16, 2013 
LIU Brooklyn


     Thank you, Provost Haynes, and good morning everyone.

     Of all the privileges of being Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Long Island University, none is more enjoyable, significant, or affirmative than being at Commencement to congratulate our graduates and acknowledge this milestone achievement in your lives.

     I and the 40 other trustees, many here with me on this platform, revel in the excitement of the day and we want the graduates to know the Board couldn’t be more proud of you and what you’ve accomplished. You energize us with the promise and potential you represent and we applaud the hard work and many sacrifices that got you here. Similar admiration applies to the family members and loved ones who have supported you along the way and we also proudly recognize our dedicated and distinguished faculty members and commend them for their passion to teach and commitment to enlighten.

     And finally, since this will be his last official commencement ceremony, it’s most appropriate to put a special spotlight on LIU’s president and leader for the past 28 years, Dr. David J. Steinberg. Dr. Steinberg will be retiring on July 1st and all of us—most notably the more than 125,000 students who have graduated during his tenure—have been blessed by his dedication to his life’s work, and have benefited from his unmatched wisdom, core decency, and unshakable belief in the transformative power an education provides.

     So, as each of you continue your own life journey—wherever the path may take you after LIU—I hope that like President Steinberg you will find your true calling, your passion, your joy, and pursue that goal with the same perseverance and dedication that has brought you to this day of success and celebration.

     Godspeed, good luck, and congratulations.