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LIU Brooklyn Campus MinistryVision Statement

LIU Brooklyn's Campus Ministry dares to foster a community that takes its faith traditions very seriously. We challenge our members to be credible witnesses of their traditions of faith and to employ the best elements of the same in the services of our community.

As a diversified, multi-religious and ethnic community par excellence, we seek to enrich one another and our community with the values of our different traditions, and to collaborate ecumenically as advocates for justice, peace and reverence for life.

The sacred writings of the different religions serve as our guide for action. And our mode of operation is from Campus to social outreach, from place of theory to place of reality, from feelings of concern to actions against poverty, hunger, disease and social injustice.

Our goal is to help our community develop the full potentials of their humanity, become better citizens and responsible inhabitants of our planet, and to die with a better hope.