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Community Services

Below are just a few of the services offered by LIU Brooklyn to the LIU community and to the Brooklyn community at large. Services are educational, cultural and artistic with an emphasis on the enrichment for those participating in programs and the strengthening of pre-existing initiatives. For information about all the services offered, please visit Community Connections

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Bridge Programs

Since 1981, LIU Brooklyn’s Bridge Programs have encouraged the educational aspirations of local high school students through challenging college-level academic options. Sponsored by the University Honors Program, the Bridge Programs offer a variety of experiences each one unique in structure and approach. The Senior Bridge Program provides accomplished high school seniors the opportunity to enroll in introductory-level undergraduate courses on campus. The College Project introduces outstanding high school juniors to college academic life through weekly spring-semester seminars in varied disciplines. Each summer the BASIS Program offers students between their junior and senior years an interdisciplinary college course to sharpen thinking and communications skills as well as to increase motivation for attending college.

For information, call Susanna Yurick at (718) 488-1049 or visit Bridge programs are tuition free and are open to qualified high school juniors and seniors. (See application requirements and cost and fee information on the program Web site.)

LIU Brooklyn Galleries

The LIU Brooklyn Galleries offer lectures and demonstrations in conjunction with exhibitions of emerging and established artists. All exhibitions, special events, and receptions are open to the public. Every summer the campus hosts an exhibition of outdoor sculpture. Gallery hours are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Saturday/Sunday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information contact: 718-488-1198 or

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The Center for Accounting and Tax Education

Serves licensed CPAs and enrolled tax agents through informative seminars. The Center is sponsored by the School of Business, Public Administration and Information Sciences' Department of Accounting, Taxation, and Law.

By attending these seminars, professionals learn about the most recent changes in the tax law, as well as the latest developments in accounting and auditing principles. This service assists them in fulfilling their continuing professional education requirements.

For more information please call: 718-488-1070.

The Center for Urban Educators (CUE)

In partnership with New York City public schools, the Center for Urban Educators of the Brooklyn Campus School of Education works to develop and to supply a multifaceted group of teachers, university professors and administrators to the public school system. Established with a grant from the Henry Luce Foundation to reform urban teacher education, CUE supports teachers who are socially responsible, intellectually engaged advocates of children, parents and their communities.

The Center for Urban Educators (CUE) was established with a grant from the Henry Luce Foundation.
The mission of the Center for Urban Educators (CUE) is the reform of urban teacher education. The vision of teaching and schools guiding the Center's work is one which supports teachers as socially responsible people who are intellectually engaged and act as advocates of children, parents, and their communities. The Center works within the School of Education of LIU Brooklyn and in partnership with New York City public schools.

In its efforts to further its mission, CUE is developing and extending a multi-faceted community of future teachers, university professors, and teachers and administrators in public schools. CUE offers student fellowships, works with New York City public schools, forms collaborations with educators both within and beyond LIU Brooklyn, and supports publications.

For more information please visit the CUE site.

School of Health Professions

An Out-Patient Physical Therapy Facility

The Center for Physical Rehabilitation, part of LIU Brooklyn, Division of Physical Therapy, is a state-of-the-art facility that offers a wide range of physical therapy services to the LIU Brooklyn community as well as to residents of the surrounding community. The Center provides a “hands-on” approach for a broad array of physical issues and offers a customized treatment plan that is tailored to your specific health needs. We pride ourselves on delivering individualized care by licensed physical therapists, who are experts in treating a diverse client population.

Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.

From within LIU's Brooklyn campus, we are currently housed in the Cellar level of the Wellness, Recreation and Athletic Center (WRAC).

From off campus, the easiest way to access us is through the WRAC entrance located at:

161 Ashland Place (across from Brooklyn Hospital) - Cellar Level
Between DeKalb Avenue & Willoughby Street

Mailing Address:
Center for Physical Rehabilitation
LIU Brooklyn
1 University Plaza
HS 201
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11201

Phone: 718-780-4531
Fax: 718-780-4524

Charles Evans Inniss Scholars Program

Supported by LIU Brooklyn and School Region 8 since 2002, this special initiative allows a total of 65 Brooklyn high school students each year – 50 selected from Benjamin Banneker Academy for Community Development High School and 15 selected from the Science Skills Center High School for Science, Technology and the Creative Arts to enroll in introductory courses at the Brooklyn Campus. The program gives participants the opportunity to complete their first college semester while still in high school.

For more information, contact Pia Haynes at (718) 488-3313. Charles Evans Inniss Scholars Program is free of charge and open to selected students.

The Common Ground Service Learning Program

The Common Ground Service Learning Program at Long Island University's Brooklyn Campus combines community service with academic instruction. It focuses on critical, reflective thinking and civic responsibility.

The Program involves students in organized, community service that addresses local needs, while developing students' academic skills and commitment to the community.

For more information, please contact us at:

Common Ground Service Learning Program
LIU Brooklyn
Humanities Building, 8th floor
One University Plaza
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Phone: 718-488-3372
Fax: 718-780-4303
Web site address:


This fair that promotes scholarly and intellectual ideas, is held each spring, providing opportunities to share information across the disciplines through presentations of academic, curricular and professional achievements. Area high schools students and other community members participate along with Brooklyn Campus students, alumni, and faculty and staff members.
For more information, contact 718-488-3405.
Discovery Day is free and open to the public.

The Downtown Brooklyn Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic

Speaking, hearing and understanding are basic to human communication. Difficulty in one or more of these areas can interfere with an individual's ability to communicate and negatively impact a person's quality of life. At the state-of-the-art Downtown Brooklyn Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic, we provide evaluation and treatment for people of all ages with speech-language and/or hearing difficulties. We are located at LIU Brooklyn and offer a full range of diagnostic and therapeutic services to bilingual and monolingual (including Spanish, Russian, Yiddish) children, adolescents and adults with communication disorders.

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Jazz Clinic Series

Each semester the Music Department presents its Clinic and Concert Series. Clinicians have included Billy Taylor, Slide Hampton, Joe Henderson and Jimmy Heath. Also, each semester student ensembles have an opportunity to perform. This series offers live musical performances for LIU Brooklyn campus students and faculty as well as for the surrounding community, free of charge. Musicians present their works and interact with their audience. The performances take place on Tuesdays at 4 p.m. in the Barbara Elliott Performing Arts Studio, Room H-106. For more information contact: Sam Newsome 718-488-1000 ext 1874.

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Learning Center for Educators & Families

The Learning Center for Educators & Families (LCEF) is the off-campus extension of Long Island University’s Brooklyn Campus School of Education. LCEF provides a supportive environment for prospective and practicing teachers, which allows them to hone their skills. In service of these aims, LCEF provides meeting space for the School of Education faculty and for groups of teachers from the NYC schools to collaborate and work on various projects together.

The classrooms at LCEF are used exclusively by education faculty members, so they can create positive learning environments, which can be replicated in the classrooms of the teachers and the future classrooms of the pre-service teachers. The faculty work to make it a place where theory and what it means to become a teacher converge with practice in a supportive risk-free environment. The students engage in inquiry-based study in the reading, science, math and social studies methods classes that meet at LCEF.

LCEF has a state of the art computer lab as well as Smart Boards thus enabling faculty and students to use technology in a meaningful way in their own studies as well as developing relevant curriculum for their own classrooms.

The Family University (FUN) After School Program for the children of Long Island University’s Brooklyn Campus students is housed at LCEF and provides a setting for teacher education students to see creative arts and community building activities in action. It is used as a fieldwork site for students in education, social work, music and art departments. The children’s presence in the building alongside the teacher education students serves as a reminder that theory and practice can be integrated.

For more information contact:

Charlotte Marchant, Director
Learning Center for Educators & Families
9 Hanover Place, 3rd Floor
(between Fulton & Livingston Streets)
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Voices of the Rainbow
Celebrating the Oral Tradition is sponsored by the English Department. It is a poetry and fiction reading series that is free and open to the public, currently in its 12th year. The successful series features poets of various nationalities, racial, ethnic, and linguistic backgrounds who are excellent at their craft as well as talented, spirited performers. While the series is geared toward LIU Brooklyn students, it also serves as a cultural link between the campus and the urban, diverse community in which it is situated. For more information contact: Louis Parascandola 718-488-1109.
Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program (VITA)

Sponsored at LIU Brooklyn by the student Accounting Society, the VITA program assists in the preparation of tax returns for those with low incomes, including many senior citizens. Each year, scores of area residents get free help from Accounting Society volunteers who receive training from the Internal Revenue and support from faculty members in the Department of Accounting, Taxation & Law of the School of Business, Public Administration and Information Sciences. For information, contact Accounting Society Adviser Dr. Myrna L. Fischman, CPA, 718-488-1157 or 4062.
VITA services are free and available to anyone with an annual income below $40,000.

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Wellness, Recreation and Athletic Center

This $45 million, 114,000-square-foot facility supports the campus' 18 Division I athletic teams, provides a state-of-the-art workout environment for the campus community and offers a broad array of health and wellness services, and health-related counseling programs to our students, faculty members and administrators, as well as to members of the community at large. Visit the website.

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