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International Students

Located in Room M311 in a newly renovated space, the International Students Office is a source of reference and information for immigration related matters for all attending international students and the LIU Brooklyn at large. Headed by Steve A. Chin, the Director and Francesca Freeman-Lujan, the Assistant Director, the office provides a welcome and open atmosphere to all new incoming international students. The office prides itself on hosting welcome events for new students as well as seminars, workshops and social events for attending students. These events begin at the start of each semester and continue until the end of the semester. These events are done either independently or as joint ventures with other departments at LIU Brooklyn. The office is also responsible for maintaining student immigration records and assisting students with any immigration related situations that may arise. Currently overseeing more than 600 international students in three visa categories, the office is aware of each student’s individual needs and strives to achieve and fulfill their expectations.

As part of LIU Brooklyn the office also assists other departments with questions and concerns with immigration matters, whether it pertains to a student, faculty or, staff member. The office has assisted academic departments with hosting visiting professors, scholars and guest speakers from abroad. Ms. Freeman-Lujan has also been very helpful in assisting departments needing translation or speaking to international students in either French or Spanish.

Responsibility of keeping LIU Brooklyn in compliance with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services is a vital function of the office. Annual updates and reporting to USCIS is required each semester. This allows the Brooklyn campus to constantly keep accepting international students each semester. The office prides itself on being the immigration center of LIU Brooklyn and accepts all questions and inquiries.

LIU Brooklyn
Office of International Students

1 University Plaza, Room M311
Brooklyn, New York 11201
International Office Phone (718)-488-1216 (Fax) 718-780-4182


Steve A. Chin – Director of International Students

Francesca Freeman – Assistant Director of International Students