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Campus Partnerships

Student Life also provides site placement for Social Work students who have to complete a significant number of hours for the course requirement. These students are given various specific tasks which they perform under the supervision of both a professor of the Social Work Department as well as the Director of Student Life. This partnership has thus far yielded an Evening Student Newsletter, greater servicing for our Veteran Student population through a Veteran's Students Association and needs assessments for our commuter student and graduate student populations. Social Work interns also work with the Student team assigned to Boys Town.

The Office also works with the Freshman Year Programs in facilitating workshops for parents on Student Life, and for entering students on Getting Involved on Campus, and on the Campus Freedoms and Responsibilities Act.

Additionally the Office works with Integrated Students Financial Services, the Scholarship Assistance Program and the Alumni Office is identifying students who have applied for Endowed Scholarships to receive such.