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Procedures for Forming a Student Organization

This protocol was established in order to explain what is needed for a student to start a new student organization on the campus of LIU Brooklyn.  We are always excited for students to start a student organization, and to express and execute their ideas. 

Student Government Association and students wanting to start a new student organization must follow the following protocol when a proposal to establish a new student organization is being submitted. The protocol is as follows:

Students interested in starting a new student organization must complete and submit the following items together:

  • A list of 15 or more students who will be members of the newly established student organization (first and last name, email address and student ID number)
  • Create a student organization name
  • Members discuss and come up with a proposed student organization advisor (advisors may be a faculty, staff or administrator of LIU) - then ask this person to become their advisor.  A written agreement, which can be found in the Office of Student Life & Leadership Development, M311, must be signed by the person if he or she agrees.
  • Members must elect four officers/executive members:  President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. They must submit the contact information (name, address, contact #, email address and Student ID #) for each executive member. (All executive members must have at least a GPA of 2.5 (2.75 for dual majors, 3.0 for professional programs), be full-time LIU students and be in good standing with the University)
  • student organization constitution (a model copy of this can be found in the Office of Student Life & Leadership Development) and under the "Forms" link on the Student Life landing page
  • a letter addressed to Student Government Association and Student Life & Leadership Development requesting that this new student organization be  recognized by SGA and Student Life.
  • All student organization executives must serve both fall and spring semesters of the academic year.

Once the student has this information, he or she should come to the Office of Student Life & Leadership Development to submit this information for review. After the review is complete the student should e-mail all the documents to the following people:

SGA will immediately send a response to all recipients of the initial email, informing everyone that the proposal email was received.  SGA has two weeks to review it then send a letter of approval/denial to all email recipients, unless there is something pending.  If there is something pending, then SGA sends an email to all recipients stating what is pending giving the students two weeks to resubmit with the pending or missing information. 

Once all requested documents are submitted, SGA has two weeks to either:

  • If approved, send the students (and SLLD) a letter of approval asking the students to contact SLLD for further information.
  • If not approved, send the students (and SLLD) a letter of denial explaining to them that they have a right to appeal.