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Policy for Student Organizations & Club Room Policy

All student organizations chartered under the Student Government Association of LIU Brooklyn are expected to:

  • Have and be familiar with the student organization constitution and by-laws (if applicable) and any other procedures.
  • Know and maintain the student organization's purpose, mission and goals throughout the academic year.
  • Meet on a regular basis, at least once every two weeks.
  • Submit to the Offices of Student Government Association and to the Office of Student Life & Leadership Development a copy of their minutes (including agendas and signed attendance sheets).
  • Maintain an organized and professional student organization room, if assigned.
  • Reserve a meeting room (complete a room reservation) in the beginning of each semester if the student organization hasn't been assigned a room or is too large in number to meet in its assigned room.
  • Submit a written request for a student organization room to the Office of Student Life & Leadership Development.
  • Supply SGA and the Office of Student Life & Leadership Development with the student organization's events sheet at the beginning of each semester.
  • Deposit in the student organization's budget account ALL collected dues and funds raised.  No off-campus account is allowed.
  • Sponsor at least one event that is opened to all Brooklyn Campus students.  A meeting does not constitute an event.
  • Return all student organization room keys to Student Life by May 15 of the Spring semester or be prepared to pay the $35.00 fee.
  • Use all allocations according to the approved request during the specified year.
  • Have all advertisements for ALL functions approved by the Office of Student Life & Leadership Development before they are printed, published or posted. ALL advertisements must include the LIU Logo.

Recommended locations for fliers:

  • At least (25) fliers should be left at the Residence Life & Housing Office to be posted on all floors of each Residence Hall.
  • Advertise events in Seawanhaka (fees may apply) and on WLIU-Radio & LIU-TV.
  • The flier (advertisement) of the event may be advertised on plasma screens around the campus. Submit request to the Office of Student Life & Leadership Development via memo or email with an electronic copy of the advertisement.
  • All Student Government Association notice boards.
  • Bulletin Boards between classrooms in the “Humanities” building.
  • Student organizations are responsible for the removal all outdated advertisements immediately following their events. All student organizations must strictly adhere to this policy.
  • Follow all guidelines presented by the Student Government Association and the Student Life Office to maintain the efficient functioning of the student organization.
  • Know the duties and powers of the Student Government Association as dictated in the SGA Constitution.
  • Elect executive members who are full time students with a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5 or better, do not have a conflict of interest (i.e., an employee of the university, hold another executive position in another student organization of the same category, etc.) and are in good standing with the University.
  • A student organization member is not allowed to hold an executive position in more than one student organization at the same time unless one of them is non-academic and the other one is academic. A list of non-academic and academic student organizations is located in the Student Life Office.
  • All student organization (except media organizations) must collect mail at least once every week from SGA (M208). All media student organizations must assign a person who is responsible for collecting the mail DAILY from SLLD (M311); if that person cannot come to collect, then they must call to inform SLLD of who will do so in their stead.
  • Attend secretary, treasurer and president meeting and training sessions as indicated on the SLLD calendar or indicated to the respective persons via email.  NOTE to Media: Person with similar role of the aforementioned executives must be determined and established and those persons must attend accordingly.
  • Update SLLD with any changes in the executive board and/or advisor information, including their contact information (i.e., phone, email, address, etc.) throughout the year.
  • Students whose parents advise a non-academic student organization cannot be a member of that student organization.

Hour Requirements for SGA and Media Student Organizations to be completed weekly as follows:

  • 20 hours – Presidents, Editor-In-Chief, General Manager
  • 15 hours – Vice-Presidents, Secretaries, Treasurers, Various Editors and Managers other than the Editor-In-Chief and General Manager
  • 10 hours – SGA Council Members and other elected executives who do not receive tuition remission.

Office of Student Life & Leadership Development Student Organization Club Room Policy

(Effective January 16, 2013)

All student organizations at LIU Brooklyn that adhere to the Club Room Policy will have a greater chance at receiving a club room in the future. Student organizations will receive points towards securing a club room, which will be based on the Club Room Policy as well adhering to the Guidelines for Student Organizations. All members of student organizations at LIU Brooklyn must adhere to the Office of Institutional Advancement and Student Affairs Campus Freedoms & Responsibilities Act. If you need to obtain a copy of the Campus Freedoms and Responsibilities Act, please visit the Office of Student Life and Leadership Development in Metcalf 311 or the Office of Institutional Advancement and Student Affairs Metcalf 411.

  • Please do not move any furniture from anywhere including the community lounge into individual club rooms. Organizations that move furniture will receive a "Warning" slip followed by a "Room Violation" slip if furniture is not returned. If furniture is not returned after receiving a "Room Violation" slip, the organization will be fined and will not be granted an opportunity to receive a club room future or keep the room that the club currently has.
  • Alcohol, drugs, sexual activity, pledging/hazing, assault (physical or verbal) or any other activities that go against the University Code of Student Conduct are strictly prohibited campus-wide. There is Zero Tolerance for the aforementioned activities in the club room area and all club rooms.
  •  Parties, socials, gatherings or any other functions that require food and/or music are prohibited in the club rooms. If you would like to have such an event, please complete a Room Reservation form for an appropriate venue, and contact Mr. Best in the Office of Student Life and Leadership Development.
  • If you have a maintenance request for your club room or would like to discard inventory items, please write and submit a memo describing in detail the need for your club room to Ms. Lewis via e-mail at or in the Office of Student Life and Leadership Development.
  • Please respect each other's space and privacy as the club room area is a community environment. Failure to maintain a level of decorum in a public space is a violation of the Campus Freedoms and Responsibilities Act and will be handled accordingly.
  • Please keep your club room door locked when you are not in the room. LIU is not responsible for personal belongings.
  • Please be sure to coordinate with your executives to gain access to your club room. The Office of Student Life and Leadership Development, as well as LIU Brooklyn Security are not responsible for opening your club room for each member.
  • Please do not purchase any personal items such as microwaves, refrigerators etc. for the club rooms as they (club rooms) can change per academic-school year.

*The Office of Student Life and Leadership Development Reserves the right to update the Club Room Policy as needed.