What policies do I have to follow in the residence hall?

The No Discrimination Policy states that no student shall deny the rights or privileges of the university to another member of the LIU Brooklyn for reasons of age, color, creed, handicap, origin, race, sex, or sexual preference. In addition, poor behavior and misconduct is prohibited in all residence halls as well as on university grounds. This includes obscene phone calls, sexual harassment, indecent exposure, courtship violence, and sexual assault.

Every resident has the right to reasonable protections against excessive noise. Each student should expect to sleep, converse, study, and enjoy leisure activities without being disturbed by others. The Office of Residence Life has adopted a uniform noise policy as follows:

  • Noise, particularly being emitted from an electronically amplified device (television, stereo system, etc.) must not be readily audible within the private living quarters of other students or in the hallways and lounges of floors. Residents will be held accountable for any noise emanating from within their living spaces.
  • No large speaker(s) or DJ equipment is permitted (connected or disconnected) in student rooms. Stereo systems should contain only bookshelf-sized speakers with a maximum height of 24 inches.

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What are "RAs" and "PCs"?

RAs are known as resident assistants and PCs are known as peer counselors. Both help facilitate a smooth transition for new residents and also assist students who already live in the residence halls. RAs and PCs are also here to establish programs with cultural, social, and educational value for residents to further their overall experience at LIU Brooklyn.

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What is the guest policy?

The purpose of the guest policy is to encourage residents to host guests in a responsible manner. This is a privilege that will be monitored by the residence hall staff and can be taken away if the rules listed below are violated. The rights and property of other residents, including roommates and suite mates, must be protected from unwanted intrusions and potential vandalism.

Residents are allowed to host guests with the consent of their roommate(s). Only one guest per person is allowed one night out of the week and one guest per person is allowed for the weekend (beginning on Friday). Guest passes are registered the night before and roommates must give consent by signing the pass either that same night between 7 and 9 p.m., or the next day before 2 p.m. in the Office of Residence Life.

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What are my guest privileges?

Academic success is the priority at all LIU Brooklyn residence halls. Accordingly, each resident’s guest privileges are limited to a reasonable number of visitors throughout the week. Additionally, all roommates must consent to having an overnight guest. For insurance purposes, individuals under the age of 16 are not allowed. Also, parents can be signed in as day guests only—they are not permitted to stay overnight in a student’s room. However, guest rooms can be reserved in advance by contacting the Office of Residence Life at 718-488-1046.

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Can I have a pet?

Animals and pets are prohibited in the residence halls.

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Can I have appliances in my room?

The university offers students the option of cooking in certain designated apartments that have kitchens. Cooking in standard rooms and suites is prohibited as well as the possession of the following electrical appliances:

  • Hot plates 
  • Corn poppers 
  • Sun lamps 
  • Immersion coils 
  • Ovens 
  • Hot pots 
  • Frying pans 
  • Percolators 
  • Rice cookers 
  • Crock pots 
  • Other devices of this nature

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What if a student has an emotional or psychological need?

Within the Richard L. Conolly Hall, there are trained peer counselors and a professional staff counselor who are available for students with emotional or psychological assistance.

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What if I have a conflict with my roommate?

We expect all students to resolve conflicts in a mature manner. In order to facilitate this process and to develop our residents’ conflict resolution skills, our resident assistants and peer counselors are trained in basic mediation and often help students with their concerns. Additionally, our professional staff counselor and residence hall directors assist in difficult cases.

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What utilities are included in my room?

Every room is equipped with an air conditioner. Internet service is free of charge as is Time Warner Cable, which includes HBO, MTV, USA, History Channel, Discovery Channel, A&E, VH1, Lifetime, and other popular networks.

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Is safety a priority?

Of course! Our buildings are secured 24 hours a day, which includes public safety officers stationed at the entrance of our residence halls. In addition, students are required to present ID upon entering the complexes.

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Can you suggest some items that I should bring with me?

While you may want all the comforts of your home, keep in mind that you will be sharing your space with others. Be sure to bring linen and a pillow. Twin size, extra long sheets will fit perfectly. Also bring towels and a laundry bag/basket. Stereos, televisions, computers, and wall hangings are optional.

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What about the facilities?

Laundry rooms are open 24/7, as are our study lounges with Internet access. Cafeterias are also located either on the premises or nearby. In Conolly Hall, there are also two lounges on the lobby floor, one of which has a 52-inch TV screen, two regulation ping pong tables, and a pool table. The lobby floor also houses a mailroom for student packages and letters. For graduate apartment amenities and facilities, click here.

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