Residence Hall and Meal Plan Rates

To see a typical floor plan of our residences, click here.

Conolly Residence Hall

Houses Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors
Conolly Double Standard $3,682
Conolly Triple Standard $2,775 ≠
Conolly Double Suite $4,386
Conolly Triple Suite $4,008
Conolly Quad Suite $4,182
Conolly Double Apartment $5,365
Conolly Triple Apartment $4,886
Conolly Quad Apartment $5,518

Hoyt Street Residence Hall

Houses Seniors
Hoyt Double Suite $5,447
Hoyt Triple Suite $5,161
Hoyt Quad Suite $5,335
Hoyt Quintuple Suite $5,732
Hoyt Double Apartment $6,895
Hoyt Triple Apartment $6,790

The Graduate Apartments

To see a typical floor plan of our Graduate Apartments, click here.

Houses Graduate Students
Fulton Studio $9,400
1 Bedroom Apartment $10,275
2 Bedroom Apartment $9,600 - $10,600*
3 Bedroom Apartment $8,961 - $9,600*
4 Bedroom Apartment $8,961 - $9,600*
5 Bedroom Apartment $8,961 - $9,600*
6 Bedroom Apartment $8,961 - $9,600*

Room Descriptions:

Standard: Large single room for three students (Community bathroom on floor)
Large single room with bathroom and study room for 2, 3, or 4 students (Quad suites have 2 separate sleeping areas)
Large single room, bathroom and full kitchen for 2, 3, or 4 students (Quad apartments have 2 separate sleeping areas)

≠ Incoming Freshmen will be housed in Triple Standards.

* Price varies in accordance with unit/bedroom size.

Meal Plan Rates

Carte Blanche Meal Plan $2,350 #
Declining Dollars Only $350  #

The meal plan is not mandatory for 490 Fulton residents; however, you may elect the following options:

The Carte Blanche Meal Plan offers unlimited All-You-Can-Eat meals in the Blackbird cafeteria (located on the 1st floor of Conolly Residence Hall) and a nominal amount of declining dollars that can be used at other campus eateries.

Carte Blanche Meal Plan $2,150
Declining Dollars Only $350 (for apartment residents only)

# Prices are subject to change.

Student Status (Current earned credits at time of application):

Freshman (0-30 credits)
Sophomore (31-60 credits)
Junior (61-90 credits)
Senior (91+ credits)