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Advising Syllabus

Advising Resources

Advisor-Student Relationship

Advisor Responsibilities

  • Assist students with exploring areas of study in order to select appropriate majors, minors, and professional programs.
  • Assist students with course scheduling and understanding degree progress.
  • Actively listen to students' questions and concerns and provide information and support as needed.
  • Explain LIU policies and procedures, academic programs, core curriculum and major requirements, and student services.
  • Refer students to campus services (Financial Services, Academic Reinforcement Center, etc.), organizations, and faculty and staff members as needed to enhance academic performance and overall college experience.
  • Assist students in developing decision-making skills, self-evaluation skills, and educational action plans.
  • Help students monitor their academic progress and understand how it impacts the achievement of their goals.
  • Work collaboratively with students to develop alternative action plans when necessary.
  • Demonstrate to students how to access and utilize the advising resources listed above.
  • Utilize all means of communication to continually provide students with important LIU information.
  • Provide a respectful and supportive atmosphere.
  • Maintain advisor-advisee confidentiality (see below).

Student Responsibilities

  • Gather information about academic programs.
  • Learn and adhere to academic policies and procedures.
  • Meet with an advisor at least once per semester to discuss degree progress, possible majors, and academic plan.
  • Prepare for advising appointments by developing relevant questions and/or discussion topics.
  • Accept responsibility for decisions and actions.
  • Keep track of academic progress.
  • Be courteous and plan ahead: schedule appointments early and cancel or reschedule appointments in advance and only if necessary.
  • Utilize campus services and programs as appropriate for academic and personal development
  • Follow-up on advisor referrals (tutoring services, etc.) and keep advisors informed of the outcomes of referrals.
  • Regularly use the advising resources listed above.
  • Keep contact information up-to-date and read all official LIU correspondences.
  • Be open to developing and clarifying academic goals.

Advisor-Student Confidentiality

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA): FERPA is a Federal law that protects the privacy of students' education records. Advisors and other LIU administrators are prohibited from sharing a student's education record with anyone other than the student without that student's expressed, written consent.

Expected Student Outcomes
Advisors work with students toward achieving the following first-year outcomes:

  • Students have a better idea of their academic and career interests.
  • Students understand their skills and strengths, and have identified areas for improvement.
  • Students are familiar with university rules and requirements.
  • Students have learned about majors, minors, and other academic programs available.
  • Students have used multiple resources to maximize their college experience: advisors, student organizations, study groups, volunteering, tutoring, etc.
  • Students have developed their time management skills.