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Frequently Asked Questions

We know that you will have many questions during the course of your studies. Your Freshman Advisor is available to guide you during your time at the LIU Brooklyn campus. In addition, we have composed a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions by category.   Browse through them. If you still don't find your answer, we are here to help!

Registrar-Related Questions

Can I take courses at other colleges and transfer those credits to LIU Brooklyn?
Yes, but only if prior approval has been granted from the appropriate LIU Brooklyn dean. Students interested in taking courses at another institution should consult their Academic Dean to obtain a copy of the "Permission to take Courses at Another Institution" form. After speaking with the respective dean, students with additional questions should consult with their Academic Advisor.

I tried to register, but I have a hold on my account. How can I get this removed?
You should sign onto your My LIU account and click any items listed below the "holds" column to make sure that you understand the nature of the hold. Once you have done this you need to contact the office or department that placed the hold to determine what you need to do to have the hold removed. If you are unsure, please see your advisor who will provide assistance.

Testing-Related Questions

Can I take the English and Math placement test more than once?
Yes, students can retake the English and the Math placement tests if they are not satisfied with their initial placement scores. A student can test a total of three times prior to taking the course. . Once a student has started an English or Math course, they cannot take the English or the Math placement tests again.

Counseling-Related Questions

If I visit OSDR and my Freshman Advisor is not available, can I still be helped?
Definitely, every advisor is willing to and capable of assisting you with all of your questions whenever you come in or call our office.

How do I add/drop/withdraw from a course?
Provided there are no blocks/holds on your account, you can change your course schedule freely through the first week of classes via your My LIU account. You can add a course within the first week of classes; however you must visit OSDR if you want to add a course after the first week of classes has passed. Speak to your Freshman Advisor regarding this if you are interested. Dropping or withdrawing can be done within the specified deadline date. Your Freshman Advisor will assist you with completing the paperwork needed to change your schedule following the first week of classes.

I have transfer credits; will LIU Brooklyn accept them?
The best department to assist you with this is the Office of Admissions. You should speak with an Admissions Counselor regarding your transfer credits. They will determine which courses will transfer and which will not. If possible, try to provide them with the course description from the previous college to assist them in the decision making process.

I may need to take the semester off; will this affect my academic standing at LIU Brooklyn?
Yes. Students who take a semester or more off from LIU will need to be readmitted to the University via the Admissions Office before being allowed to register for classes. Students who leave the campus for any reason, risk losing their seat in their originally designated major. For example, a student who was originally accepted as a Pharmacy major may not necessarily be readmitted back as a Pharmacy major. For this reason, it is recommended that students seek an approved leave of absence in writing from the dean of their school before taking a semester or more off.

When do I have to declare a major?
Students should generally declare a major once they have earned 24 credits and have met the GPA requirement for that major. A student can change his or her major as their academic interests change, as long as they meet the department's criteria. Pharmacy, Nursing and Health Professions students must complete their pre-professional requirements before starting their respective major's professional phase.

Academic-Related Questions

How do I change my major?
Stop by OSDR to meet with your advisor to fill out a Change of Major form. You would then need to take that form to the department that you are interested in majoring with,  in order to obtain the Department Chairperson’s signature for approval. Once that is done, submit the form to the Registrar's Office and the process would be complete.

If I am not a Pharmacy major, how can I get into the program?
Students who are not admitted to LIU as a Pharmacy major are still able to apply to the Pharmacy program. Applications, which are typically due in early January, are reviewed once per year. In order to apply, students must have completed or be in the process of completing all Pre-Pharmacy requirements by the time the application is due to LIU Pharmacy. It is important for students to know that admission into the Pharmacy program is extremely competitive. Students are encouraged to consult with their Academic Advisor before pursuing this program and filing an application.

Miscellaneous Questions

I am having trouble with one or more of my courses. How can I find a tutor?
The LIU Brooklyn campus offers tutoring in many subjects through the Academic Reinforcement Center (located in Pratt 110). Students can also get specific assistance to improve their writing skills at the Writing Center in room 218C of the Humanities Building. Assistance in Math can be found  at the Mathematics Center in room 1105 of the Metcalfe Building. The LIU Brooklyn Language Lab in Pratt 614 offers assistance to students in a variety of foreign languages. Students may also check with the department for which he or she requires tutoring, as some departments provide specialized tutoring (i.e. business, biology, chemistry).

How can I find out who is teaching a course?
Typically, academic departments do not release the names of professors teaching particular sections of a course until the week before the semester begins. At the start of the semester, students can check the Schedule of Classes link under Academics, the Office of Registrar's webpage, or visit either the Registrar's Office or the appropriate academic department to determine what professors have been assigned courses. The Office of Student Development and Retention only has access to teaching assignments once the academic departments have released this information to the Registrar's Office, and then only after the Registrar's Office has released this information electronically.