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Core Curriculum

Always consult with an advisor before adding classes to your schedule to confirm that you are registering for the appropriate classes for your program.

All undergraduate students are required to take:

Orientation Seminar 1 1 credit
English 16* 3 credits
Core Seminar 50 3 credits
Speech 3 3 credits
Math* 3/4 credits
English 61, 62, 63, 64 (two of these four) 6 credits
History** 1 and 2 6 credits
Philosophy** 61 and 62 6 credits
Social Sciences*** – 2 courses
• Psychology 3
• Sociology 3
• Anthropology 4/5
• Economics 1/2
• Political Science 11
6 credits
Sciences*** 8 or 9 credits

* English and math courses can be dictated by placement (via SAT/ACT scores or placement exam). In addition, a student's math course(s) is determined by his/her major

** Pharmacy majors take History OR Philosophy

*** Science and Social Science: which courses a student takes may be determined by his/her major

WAC (Writing Across the Curriculum)

A program aimed at ensuring that all graduates develop clear and effective writing styles through attention to grammar and other elements of composition. Throughout their academic careers, students will be expected to produce a substantial body of written work in core courses as well as in upper division courses offered by all departments on campus.

Computer Literacy

All undergraduate students are required to demonstrate basic computer skills prior to graduation. Students should consult with Testing Center advisors, in Pratt Bldg. 110, 718-488-1392.