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Resources for a Great First Year

Successful first year students recognize when they need help and know where they can find it. Below are some resources at the LIU Brooklyn that will help ensure your success.

Academic Support Services

The Summer Learning Institute (SLI) provides you with a free opportunity to sharpen your reading, writing, and mathematics skills to maximize your learning experience and academic performance in the major you choose. Students who have placed in English 13 or English 14 and/or DSM01 or DSM09 this is for you! Summer Learning Institute: July 8-Aug 3, 2013, sign up today.

For many of you, the Testing Center will be one of your first stops at LIU Brooklyn. If you are unable to be placed into your English and/or math course via SAT/ACT scores, you will need to take a placement exam. You may also choose to take a placement exam, if you are unhappy with your initial placement. The exams are offered three times a week at various times, including Saturdays. There is an online option for the English placement for students who cannot come to campus prior to registration. This office also administers the Foreign Language Exemption Exam (for students who read and write in another language and wish to be exempted from the foreign language core requirement), and the Computer Literacy Exam, which is required for graduation and  demonstrates a student’s proficiency in Microsoft Windows, Internet and word processing. For more information, click here.

At the Academic Reinforcement Center (ARC), students may receive one-on-one or small group tutoring in many subject areas. Additionally, students placed into developmental courses (ENG 13, ENG 14, DSM 01, DSM 09, MTH 10) may also participate in workshops to prepare to re-take their placement exams. They offer evening hours and online options, as well, to accommodate an array of schedules. The ARC is located in Pratt 110. For more information, click here.

The Math Center offers tutoring at all levels. Math tutors utilize a range of techniques to explain the subject matter, including print and electronic materials. Additionally, all students placed into DSM 01 or DSM 09 benefit from a tutoring lab built into their courses. The Math Center is located in M1105. For more information, click here.

The Writing Center is the one stop-shop for all your writing needs. Students can meet with a writing tutor for assistance with planning, drafting and editing any paper or writing assignment (not just those for English classes). The Writing Center is located in H218C. For more information, click here.

Student Support Services provides assistance to students with a physical, psychological or medical condition that might present a challenge in the pursuit of their education at LIU Brooklyn. If you received special accommodations in high school, you are entitled to those services here, as well.  The Office of Student Support Services is located in the basement of the Pharmacy Building, Rooms B-03 & B-04, 718-488-1044.

Wellness Support

Psychological Services offers free and confidential counseling to students with a range of issues such as relationship problems, home-sickness, test anxiety, etc. Psychological Services is located in L36 in the Pharmacy Building. For more information, click here.

University Health & Medical Services (UHMS) is located at 175 Willoughby Street and has a mission to help keep you well! All new students need to provide UHMS with their immunization records and health information. There is medical staff on site to help in your urgent care situations or regular medical care if you are living on campus and don’t have a physician in the area. UHMS hosts wellness programs surrounding health screening, HIV testing and counseling, etc. and offers student leadership opportunities.