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Getting Involved On and Off Campus (Leadership & Service)

It is very important for LIU Brooklyn students to gain leadership experience; leadership experience can transform a student into a well-rounded individual, transitioning them from college student to a college graduate professional.  As a student leader, you are able to make a difference in your community as well as on campus.  The experience gained from a leadership role will be valuable to you and your future.  Student leaders gain skills in decision making, communication, planning, and team work ethics. These experiences and skills will give you the ability to become an ideal candidate for a scholarship or for any job you desire.  Think about it, students are not able to gain experiences while sitting in a classroom.  For this reason, it is important to get involved on campus and take on a leadership role. As a student leader you have the power to make a difference on campus! 

Sophomore Year Programs encourages all LIU students to get involved in activities both on and off-campus. In addition to hosting several community service events through our Sophomore Gives Back program (link to page) during the school year, Sophomore Year Counselors provide advice and resources to help students get involved in their community.

There are numerous ways to gain leadership experience:

  1. Join clubs - This is an opportunity to work with others, share ideas, network, obtain school spirit and receive a great exposure to different cultures.
  2. Give back to your community - Volunteer your services at a local park, hospital, shelter, etc.
  3. Run for Student Government - As a member of the Student Government Association, you are the voice of your peers. Leading your entire school looks good on your resume or scholarship application. Not only does it give you proven leadership experience, but the fact that your entire body of peers came together and chose you to lead them is hard to ignore.
  4. Become a student mentor - You can do this by becoming a Resident Assistant, Orientation Leader, Peer Leader etc. The ability to mentor your own peers and help them make good decisions is important leadership experience and something that scholarships, job recruiters will look favorably upon.
  5. Raise money through a fundraiser for your favorite cause or start your own club - Bringing a group of people together and inspiring them to work as a team to achieve a goal is an admirable quality in a leader.

On and OFF Campus Leadership opportunities

To learn more about these and other leadership opportunities, stop by Pratt 510.