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LIU Brooklyn Sophomore Year Programs -Summer Study Abroad in Costa Rica June 26 - July 25, 2013Studying abroad in another country can be one of the most transformative experiences of one’s life. The LIU Global program located at LIU Brooklyn is offering a unique summer opportunity for travel abroad and immerse yourself in Latin American Studies and Culture in Costa Rica..  Read more...

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Australia:  Sophisticated understanding of Australia's Indigenous and environmental issues, culture and history.  Beach House Shares - Spring Semester Only.

China:  Study of Chinese History, Nationalism, Heritage and Innovation as well as Mandarin and the Cultural Revolution.  International University Dormitory - Fall and Spring Semesters.

Comparative Religion & Culture:  Theoretical investigation with extensive exposure to religious and cultural life in India, Taiwan, Thailand and Turkey.  Student Hotels, Hostels & Religious Facilities - Fall and Spring Semesters.

Costa Rica:  Study of Global and Environmental Issues from a Latin American perspective, Spanish Language & Culture.  Homestays - Summer, Fall and Spring Semesters.

India:  Study of Global Development, Global Issues from an India perspective, Health & Healing Traditions, Social Change and Hindi.  Apartment Shares & Homestays - Fall and Spring Semesters.

Global Issues in South America:  Study of Environmental Issues, Indigenous Peoples and Spanish Language in Ecuador and Peru.  Student Hotels, Hostels & Homestays - Fall Semester Only.

Why Study Abroad?

  • Personal Growth:  Globalize yourself by embarking on this life changing challenge that fosters independence and broadens your life experiences.
  • Professional Growth:  Enhance your current knowledge within your field, proficiency in another language and increase your marketability to potential employers.
  • Gain Additional Skills:  Expand interpersonal skills and expertise in interpersonal and cross-cultural communication as well as cultural sensitivity.
  • Skills to Effect Change:  Learn how to work together with people from other cultures and backgrounds and how to act assertively in situations of uncertainty through experiential education.
  • Global Citizenship:  Become a part of a small but growing percentage of the U.S. undergraduate population that goes on a journey of self-discovery, challenging in every way imaginable to emerge a socially responsible engaged leader in a richly diverse and increasingly complex world.


LIU Global and SYP offer a full range of advising and support services, focusing on such issues as program selection, academic planning, registration, credit transfer, cultural adjustment, passport/visa procedures, on-site support and re-entry.  LIU Brooklyn students are only required to take the foreign language and area studies courses at the Costa Rica, India and China Centers.  The balance of their coursework is composed of elective courses, internships and independent study allowing students to focus on International Relations, Foreign Language, the Arts, Environmental Sciences, Writing, Literature and more!  LIU Brooklyn students participating in the Australia, Comparative Religion & Culture and Global Issues in South America Programs must enroll in all courses offered for that program during the semester of study due to the demands of those programs due to frequent movement in the countries of study.


Students receive academic credit for enrolled courses and can apply most, if not all, of their financial aid towards the program costs as if attending LIU Brooklyn.  Program costs include tuition and university fees, which are standard at the LIU Brooklyn Campus however additional LIU Global costs include Room/Board, Center and International Health Insurance Fees which vary depending on the center/program and are billed as well as International Flights and Personal Expenses which are out of pocket.  These also vary depending on the center/program.  Additionally, LIU Brooklyn students are able to apply for the President Steinberg Scholarship which awards $20, 000 to an LIU Brooklyn student to study abroad.

Both LIU Brooklyn and External Scholarships are available.  Please contact for further information and connect with current students through LIU Global Social Media!