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FAQ's by Current Students

1. How can I receive accommodations?

You may be entitled to accommodations once you have established that you are a student with a qualified disability and provide our office with supporting documentation. You will need to complete an intake packet and the Associate Director will determine your eligibility. Once this process is complete you are officially registered with Student Support Services (SSS). Find out the process for receiving accommodations here.

2. What does it mean to be registered with Student Support Services?

It means that you have successfully gone through the intake process, been approved for accommodations, and assigned an educational specialist who will work with you for the duration of your academic career.

3. Will my professors know about my disability?

Student information is confidential and never disclosed, unless you give written consent. Your professors will have information pertaining solely to your accommodations.

4. I think I have a disability. What support can I receive through SSS?

If you believe that you have a disability but do not have supporting documentation you would need to be evaluated in order to receive accommodations. SSS can guide you through this process by linking you with a professional who could conduct an evaluation/assessment and provide the necessary documentation.

5. I don't need accommodations in all my classes. Can I just use accommodations in certain classes?

Yes. Although our office strongly encourages students to make use of their approved accommodations in all classes, we will leave it to you to determine if and when to make use of your accommodations.  

6. What if I feel uncomfortable talking to my professors about my accommodations?

While the goal is for students to be able to advocate on their own behalf, if you are not comfortable or are reluctant to speak with a professor regarding your accommodations we can certainly help. Your education specialist can help you start a dialogue with your professor by engaging in a mock conversation or by sitting-in on a meeting with you and your professor for moral support.  

7. Can a professor deny my request for accommodations?

No. If your accommodations have been approved by SSS, a professor cannot deny your request to make use of them. As mentioned previously failure on the part of a faculty member to adhere to and provide accommodations to a qualified student is against the law.