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FAQ's by Parents

1. When do I start the process to help my daughter/son obtain accommodations?

 Generally their senior year of High School. Once your daughter/son has scheduled a date for their placement exam, he/she can stop by our office and speak with an education specialist who can guide him/her through the intake process.

2. What does my daughter/son need to do in order to obtain accommodations?

 Your daughter/son needs to self identify and provide our office with supporting documentation to determine eligibility for accommodations. The type of documentation and who is qualified to provide it will of course vary based on your child's disability.                              

3. Once my daughter/son is registered with Student Support Services can I obtain information from their educational specialist regarding their academic performance?

Due to FERPA (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act) your daughter/son's education specialist cannot disclose any information regarding their academic performance/progress unless we have written consent from your daughter/son.

4. Will registering with Student Support Services hinder my child's chances of succeeding at LIU? Will it affect their chances of getting into LIU?

Registering with SSS will not hinder your child's chances of succeeding, rather it would  help because of the supportive services we provide. Students tend to flourish academically when they know others have a vested interest in their success. Moreover, our collaborative work with other departments and offices on campus serves to create a community of professionals your daughter/son can rely on and turn to. 

Students can only register with SSS after they have been admitted to Long Island University; thus it would not affect their chances of being admitted. 

5. What sort of educational support will my child receive by registering with SSS?

All students registered with SSS are paired with an education specialist who will guide and work with them for the duration of their academic career, receive academic tutoring and instruction in areas such reading, writing, mathematics, science, and other subjects, & provided with personal, academic and career counseling services. 

Students are also offered assistance with course selection and completing financial aid applications with the goal of improving financial and economic literacy. For a more detailed explanation of the type of support your child will receive please refer to "About Us".