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Prospective Students

FAQ's by Prospective Students

1. I had an IEP in high school. Do I automatically receive accommodations now that I am in college?

No. IEP's (which are used in primary & secondary school) are generally not considered supporting documentation for college (post secondary), as the laws, which govern high school and college are different.

2. Is the LIU application process different because I have a disability?

No. Legally, universities are not allowed to make pre-admission inquiries into a student's disability status. Therefore you would complete the same application as everyone else.

3. Do I submit a separate application to LIU and to SSS?

Not quite as SSS does not have an application per se. When seeking admission to Long Island University you are required to complete an admission application. However, in order to receive accommodations you would self-identify to the SSS office, and complete a Request for Accommodation, which is part of our intake process. 

4. What documentation do I need?

The documentation required would differ depending on the type of disability for which you are seeking accommodations. For a more detailed explanation of the type of documentation you would need please refer to Guidelines for Documentation.