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Community Collaborations

We are committed to working with various nonprofit organizations to address the issues facing our immediate community and society-at-large. Change will only come when we make it! We invite you to get involved and participate in our annual events to support the following programs:

American Cancer Society


Smoking is still a college issue, as a recent review outlined that the highest rates of smoking in the United States and Canada is amongst young adults 18-25. The good news is that reports indicate that a major influence on the decline of smoking in colleges is the widespread implementation of smoke-free policies on campuses. Smoke-free policies can be considered a socially responsible move, with statistics showing that tobacco use is the single most preventable cause of death in the United States—cigarette smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke causes 443,000—or 1 in 5 deaths. In addition, smoking-caused diseases result in $96 billion in health care costs annually. (Source 1, Source 2) Each year, UHMS works in collaboration with various departments and committees to highlight the dangers of smoking and encourage our campus community to get on “Q” for a healthier you!

A ou do to create a more sustainable LIU? Find out how you can go green email For more information, on how to get involved with the LIU Brooklyn’s Smoke Free Campaign, email the LIU Sustainability Committee at Check back regularly for updated links and listings of resources for smoking cessation.



Felay for Life A Team Event to Fight Cancer The C_URE Needs U LIU Brooklyn 10,000 Scholars can raise $50,000 Dollars when we each Give $5 To get involved email: with the subject American Cancer Society
Relay for Life - Give $5

For the past five years, our campus community has participated in Relay for Life sponsored by our partners at the American Cancer Society. Each year the LIU Brooklyn Team has consisted of students, staff, faculty and their families, committed to supporting this worthy cause. Relay for Life is a fun-filled family day, now held on the LIU Brooklyn Campus. Sponsor tents are set-up in the gym and walkers set pace for at least one hour, in the race for a cure to cancer. We continually encourage more students, staff and faculty to join the LIU Brooklyn Team by doing the following; 1) Give $5, 2) Be a Leader and form a team in your club or department under the LIU Brooklyn banner, and/or 3) Make a generous donation to the LIU Brooklyn Team. Funds supports continued research and individuals suffering from cancer. We strive to be a leader in demonstrating a commitment to our communities and society-at-large.


Are You a #NewYorkerForever? Sign up as an organ donor and become a LIU New Yorker Forever. Let your love for LIU & New York live through New Yorkers save. Sign Up & Take Your  

Committed to 100 new donors annually
Keep Life Going—The count starts Now!
April is National Organ Donor Month

We are committed to instilling in our students the concepts of good citizenship, what we refer to as the 3C’s of Citizenship (Caring, Connecting, & Contributing). We strive to teach our students to CARE about each other, not just people they know, but about society at large—about strangers. We are focused on teaching them how to really CONNECT, which means trying to understand what someone else is experiencing and what that experience means to them. Finally, we work diligently to inspire in them a personal sense of commitment to CONTRIBUTING to real change through in-kind contributions, such as their time and/or expertise as well as financial contributions. Through the New York LONG LIVE NY , our students have the opportunity to make their greatest contribution—the GIFT OF LIFE. Organ donation is a personal choice, but we believe with proper education and exposure, most will choose to give. We believe it begin with a change of mind-set, from it’s about me to it’s about we—it’s not just a statement, it’s an action we daily embrace and it begins with giving back a small portion of the gift given to us—the gift of life. One person can save so many lives—will you be the one.

LIU Brooklyn Donate Life Movie Night April 11, 2013 DONATE LIFE ANNUAL MOVIE NIGHT

Brooklyn AIDS Task Force

Brooklyn AIDS Task Force
Know and Grow Social Media Campaign

Now being in the know can help your group or club grow financially. The Brooklyn AIDS Task Force new social marketing program encourages individuals to become recruiters and use their own social networks to identify individuals who have not been tested for HIV/AIDS. The recruiter is the first in his/her group or club to be tested and the organization conducts an assessment to ensure he/she can identify at least 10 other individuals—the rest is simple. The recruiter coordinates the group or club's schedule for testing, and for each additional person on your list, that is actually tested, the organization will give you a $10 gift certificate. The certificates are issue every 30 days or each month; therefore, a club with 15 members can earn $150 just for being in the know. BE IN THE KNOW & GROW FINANCIALLY!