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Founded in 1954, LIU Post is built on a solid foundation of history and tradition. The early students of LIU Post worked hard to establish a wide range of customs to distinguish the Campus. In that spirit, we encourage our students to carry on the legacy of the early Pioneers by practicing and participating in our many co-curricular and extracurricular activities.

Campus Motto

Mens Regnum bona possidet
(A keen mind possesses a kingdom)

School Colors

The school colors are Green and Gold. Green symbolizes the Campus’ expansive green lawns, small hillsides and magnificent trees. Gold represents the location of the Campus on Long Island’s glittering Gold Coast, an exclusive affluent community featuring mansions and private estates. The north shore of Long Island has been the setting of famous movies, such as “Sabrina” and “Meet the Parents,” and was immortalized in the classic book, “The Great Gatsby.”


The mascot is an ocelot, a medium-size American wildcat that has a tawny yellow or grayish coat dotted and striped with black. His name is Sir Lancelot the Ocelot.

Team Name: The Pioneers

The sports teams are called the Pioneers. The name was coined in 1955 as the first students of LIU Post eagerly set out to establish the campus’ traditions. They chose the nickname of the Pioneers because the establishment of a new private college during the post World War II era was truly a national innovation. The students also felt like pioneers as they created rules and traditions from the ground up. Today, LIU Post has 15 varsity sports, including football, basketball, baseball, swimming, lacrosse and soccer.

Street Names

The streets at LIU Post were given their current names in 1997. When the roads that encircle the Campus were built in 1970, they were called North Peripheral, South Peripheral, East Peripheral and West Peripheral roads, but did not bear any signage. In 1997, as part of a larger campaign to improve signage, then Provost Joseph Shenker concluded the roads needed names and put the matter to a vote. Approximately 350 members of the Campus community cast their ballots, and the winners were the names the roads bear today: Post Lane, University Boulevard, Gold Coast Road, Pioneer Boulevard and Scholar Court. The new road names began appearing on Hagstrom and maps around 2002. Besides being more interesting and evocative than the “Peripherals,” the new names for the roads made the campus easier to navigate for emergency vehicles, delivery drivers and visitors (no more “turn right at the speed bump”).

  • Post Lane
  • University Boulevard
  • Gold Coast Road
  • Pioneer Boulevard
  • Scholar Court

Exam Touch Stone

Located outside the Pell Hall/Life Science building, the Exam Touch Stone is a good luck charm for students. Legend has it that you can touch the stone and ace your exams (but we recommend you study hard just in case).