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Gimme the Loot film screening

02/13/2013, LIU Post Campus Event Feb-13Hillwood Cinema, 5:00 PM

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Film Screening and Director's Q & A
February 13
Gimme the Loot
5 p.m.
Hillwood Cinema

The LIU Post Art Department will screen a not-yet-released indie film, Gimme the Loot, (80 min) and bring the director, Adam Leon, to campus for a Q&A. The film, about two Bronx-based graffiti artists who attempt to tag an iconic NYC landmark, will open the Graffiti/Public Art Festival as part of the Art Department’s on-going lecture series, The Artist’s Role in Society.

For more information, contact Phyllis Kudder Sullivan at (516) 299-2059.

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