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The French Connection: Nineteenth Century French Art from the Tabler Collection and Nineteenth Century American Art from the Baker/Pisano Collection

01/22/2013 - 03/16/2013, LIU Post Campus Event Jan22-Mar16Hillwood Art Museum

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January 22 - March 16
Opening Reception January 24
5 p.m. - 8 p.m.
Hillwood Art Museum

The exhibition The French Connection, at the Hillwood Art Museum, LIU Post, January 22-March 16, features fifty-five works from two private collections, nineteenth-century French art from the Tabler Collection and related American art from the Baker/Pisano Collection.  The purpose of the exhibition is the discovery of cross-cultural relationships between nineteenth-century French and American artists who lived or sojourned in Paris, the capital of the art world.  The two collections are linked in more specific ways by the scholarly pursuits of the collectors: the subject of Antoine Vollon in the case of the Tabler collection and the subject of William Merritt Chase in the case of the Baker/Pisano collection.  Chase, who was exceptionally knowledgeable about contemporary European art, admired and collected Vollon’s works.  The exhibition includes a variety of mediums, demonstrating the high quality and significance of prints and drawings as art forms in their own rights. 

For more information, contact Barbara Applegate at 516-299-4073.

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