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135 Student-Athletes Named to Commissioner's Honor Roll


Rita Langdon,Media Contact:
C.W. Post Campus,
Long Island University

Brookville, N.Y. – On July 30, East Coast Conference Commissioner Robert Dranoff announced the list of 625 student-athletes who were named to the ECC Commissioner Honor Roll for the 2009-2010 academic year. The C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University led all schools with 135 student-athletes.

Among C.W. Post’s standouts in the classroom were ECC Scholar-Athletes of the Year, Kris Frick (Bermuda) from men’s soccer and Kim Williams (Long Valley, N.J.) from women’s lacrosse.

C.W. Post Men's SoccerC.W. Post Women's Lacrosse 

“Congratulations to all those student-athletes who participated this past year in ECC athletics and to those who represent their institutions and the conference so well in the classroom, the community, as well as in their sport,” said Dranoff. “You do make a difference!”

The Commissioner’s Honor Roll is awarded to student-athletes who receive a 3.25 GPA or better in a given academic year. This annual recognition, in addition to Scholar-Athlete awards, helps to uphold the East Coast Conference’s mission of promoting the total person and the ability to excel not only in the athletic arena but also in the classroom.

C.W. Post Pioneers - ECC Commissioners Honor Roll 2009-2010

Janine Abramo, Women’s Lacrosse
Janea Aiken, Women’s Basketball
Christian Altamura, Men’s Cross Country
Linda Amarante, Softball
Brian Anderson, Baseball
Catherine Avelar, Women’s Tennis
Ivana Babic, Softball
Zack Badanes, Baseball
Michael Baker, Football
Samantha Barbero, Women’s Soccer
Casey Biasi, Football
Dora Biocic, Women’s Swimming
Samantha Boschetti, Women’s Soccer
Erik Boyd, Men’s Lacrosse
Kendall Bright, Softball
Lauren Brown, Volleyball
Helene Bruckner, Field Hockey
Ashley Caggiano, Women’s Basketball
Michael Callaghan, Baseball
Nicole Capella, Softball
Riley Cassidy, Women’s Swimming
John Cefalo, Football
Cortney Colern, Field Hockey
Kristin Coscia, Women’s Cross Country
Raymond Coyle, Men’s Cross Country
Jaclyn Coyne, Women’s Lacrosse
Daniel DaCosta, Men’s Lacrosse
William Dawson, Football
Kyle Dean, Baseball
Paul DelGiacco, Baseball
BriAnn DeLutri, Women’s Lacrosse
Ashley Dethlefsen, Field Hockey
Jacqueline Dionne, Softball
Martina DiSanto, Volleyball
Jordan Epstein, Baseball
Tove Eriksson, Women’s Soccer
Morgan Feliccia, Women’s Swimming
William Ferguson, Football
Samantha Figliolia, Volleyball
Kellie Finn, Field Hockey
Geony Fisher, Volleyball
Shane Flanagan, Men’s Soccer
Kaurey Foley, Field Hockey/Women’s Lacrosse
Nicholas Foote, Men’s Lacrosse
Kristopher Frick, Men’s Soccer
Anthony Fusco, Football
Christopher Gallagher, Football
Laura Garbarino, Volleyball
Marlese Gerlach, Women’s Lacrosse
Vincent Giambanco, Men’s Cross Country
Jessica Gianatti, Women’s Soccer
Michael Giordano, Men’s Lacrosse
Kathryin Godshalk, Field Hockey
Zack Graczyk, Baseball
Shatima Greer, Women’s Basketball
Marilena Guadagnini, Volleyball
Kristina Gustafson, Field Hockey
Sydney Hagen, Field Hockey
Chantee Hallett, Women’s Basketball
Cornelia Hanes, Women’s Swimming
Rogin Hardy, Softball
Karin Hedlund, Women’s Soccer
Caitlin Heraghty, Women’s Lacrosse
Brianne Jackolski Women’s Lacrosse
Johan Jintoft, Men’s Soccer
Jasmine Jones, Women’s Basketball
Marshall Kapson, Baseball
Chris King, Men’s Soccer
Sandra Kirstein, Women’s Swimming
Sarah Kiser, Softball
Shannon Kulnis, Softball
Nicholas Lacagnina, Men’s Lacrosse
Christopher Leaver, Men’s Soccer
Bryan Leonard, Men’s Lacrosse
Alyssa Lombardi, Women’s Basketball
Erin Lusenskas, Women’s Cross Country
Kian Lyons, Women’s Lacrosse
Terence Macken, Baseball
Nicolette Marciniak, Women’s Basketball
Steven Mare, Baseball
Rosemary Marrugo, Women’s Tennis
Carly Marshall, Women’s Swimming
Sofi Mathsson, Women’s Swimming
Casey McKay, Baseball
Ronald Modick, Football
Kristen Morcone, Softball
James Mutlu, Men’s Basketball
Qaroline Nahl, Women’s Soccer
Amanda Nann, Field Hockey/Women’s Lacrosse
Krystal Napolitano, Field Hockey/Women’s Lacrosse
Angela Nischo, Women’s Lacrosse
Andrea Nolan, Volleyball
Heather Norris, Field Hockey
Breanna O’Donovan, Women’s Soccer
Ryan O’Kelly, Baseball
Ashley Olen, Women’s Lacrosse
Robert Olin, Men’s Lacrosse
Ashley Oracewski, Field Hockey
Krysta Palazzo, Softball
Melissa Pascarella, Women’s Soccer
Sean Persch, Football
Stephen Plochochi, Baseball
Brittany Roma Green, Women’s Swimming
Carin Rostlund, Softball
Chris Ruhlig, Men’s Lacrosse
Prudence Rydstrum, Women’s Soccer
Brian Saldana, Baseball
David Saldana, Baseball
Paul Santasieri, Football
Louis Scala, Football
Robert Scheurer, Football
Matthew Sheey, Football
Nicole Sileo, Women’s Lacrosse
John Siopa, Football
Caitlin Smith, Women’s Cross Country
Bridgett Soares, Women’s Lacrosse
Christie Softy, Softball
Jacquelyn Sousa, Women’s Soccer
Lauren Spagnoletta, Women’s Lacrosse
Thomas Speicher, Men’s Cross Country
Caitlon Stedman, Field Hockey
James Stevenson, Men’s Soccer
Anna Svensson, Women’s Soccer
Kristen Sweeny, Women’s Cross Country
Jessica Talarico, Women’s Soccer
Samantha Tavantzis, Women’s Soccer
Taylor Teft, Women’s Soccer
Chris Tempera, Men’s Soccer
Drew TenBruggencate, Football
Lindsey Trotto, Softball
Wade Ungar, Men’s Lacrosse
Alexandra Weiser, Women’s Soccer
Mark Whitehouse, Men’s Soccer
Katherine Wilkens, Women’s Cross Country
Kimberly Williams, Women’s Lacrosse

Posted 08/02/2010

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