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Newsday Turns to C.W. Post Professors for Expertise


Rita Langdon,Associate Provost and Director of Public Relations
C.W. Post Campus,
Long Island University

Brookville, N.Y. – When Newsday reported several news stories dealing with nature and the environment in late November, it consulted three professors – a geologist and two biologists – from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University.

Dr. Vic DiVenere shared insight into Long Island geological history for “Long Ago, LI Really Rocked,” part of the paper’s coverage of the 3.9 magnitude earthquake 80 miles south of the Hamptons on Monday, November 29.

Dr. DiVenere told Newsday: "The likelihood of a major earthquake here is very very small. They could happen, but the time span between significant earthquakes is measured in thousands of years."

In the same edition of Newsday, Dr. Stephen Tettelbach explained how large sea snails called whelks – known in Italian cuisine as scungili – are setting back efforts to restore bay scallops to the waters of eastern Long Island. Dr. Tettelbach has been working with Suffolk County to rebuild the scallop population with a seeding operation, but the whelks are feeding voraciously on the young shellfish.

Dr. William A. Schutt Jr. informed Newsday readers about a crisis facing another wild creature: the little brown bat. A disease called white nose syndrome is ravaging the bat population. "Bats have never faced an extinction threat like this before," said Dr. Schutt, a bat expert who also is a fellow at the American Museum of Natural History, in a story published Sunday, November 28. (WLNY 10/55 News came to campus to interview Dr. Schutt on the white nose epidemic on Monday, November 29.)

Posted 12/06/2010

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