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March of Dimes Honors C.W. Post Professor with Golden Apple Award


Morgan Lyle,Assistant Director of Public Relations
C.W. Post Campus,
Long Island University

Arnold DodgeBrookville, N.Y. - Arnold Dodge, Ph.D., chairman of the Department of Educational Leadership and Administration and assistant professor of education at the C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University, was honored by the March of Dimes at its 15th annual Golden Apple Awards on Thursday, November 3, 2011.

"Professor Dodge remains a crucial and influential force in education today through his many research efforts," said Robert Hannifin, dean of the College of Education and Information Science at C.W. Post. "He continues to bring new insight and change to the field of education."

Dodge received the Golden Apple Award from Roger B. Tilles, a member of the New York State Board of Regents and former chairman of the Long Island University Board of Trustees. The award honors outstanding individuals who have made a difference through their commitment to education.

Before coming to C.W. Post, Dodge served as the superintendent of schools in East Rockaway School District until his retirement in August 2007. Prior to that position, he served in Nassau and Suffolk school districts as a central office curriculum administrator, school principal and teacher. More recently, Dodge's research has focused on the impact of high-stakes testing on teachers and students as well as issues of race, poverty and schooling.

Professor Dodge's teaching philosophy at C.W. Post promotes a marriage between theory and practice. Dodge believes it is essential that students be well-versed in theory in order to understand the science of administration. Having served at virtually every level of administration, he shares his "in the trenches" perspective with students from various viewpoints in the educational system.

Dodge collaborated with a colleague from Yale University in a large scale study surveying Nassau County teachers regarding the social and emotional consequences of high-stakes, standardized testing on the development of America's youth.

Each fall, Professor Dodge travels to South Africa for The Courageous Conservations Project, which investigates the effects of poverty and race on schooling. This project is a joint venture between Long Island University and Stellenbosch University, near Cape Town, South Africa. He has also represented the American Educational Research Association as a delegate during his visit to schools in China.

Posted 11/14/2011

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