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Volunteer Opportunities for LIU Post Students at New NYC Parent Academy


Morgan Lyle,Assistant Director of Public Relations
LIU Post, Long Island University

Kathleen FeeleyBrookville, N.Y. -- When Long Island University was awarded the contract to administer the New York City schools’ new Parent Academy, it achieved more than the opportunity to improve outcomes for New York City schools and families. It also secured a great new opportunity for LIU students to gain real-world experience to complement their academic studies.

The purpose of the Parent Academy is to provide training to New York City educators as well as to families regarding the importance of, and strategies for, fostering parent engagement in their children’s education.  This project provides several opportunities for LIU students to put into practice things they are learning in their classrooms.

Dr. Evelyn Castro, associate professor in the Educational Leadership Program at LIU Brooklyn, and Dr. Kathleen Feeley, associate professor the Department of Special Education and Literacy at LIU Post, submitted the proposal for LIU to administer the Parent Academy with student learning experiences in mind. Dr. Evelyn Castro is the project director for the NYC Parent Academy, which is centered at LIU Brooklyn.

“We specifically wrote the grant so that our students would be intimately involved in every aspect of it,” Dr. Feeley said.

Opportunities for LIU Post and LIU Brooklyn students include:

  • web design
  • translating materials for families
  • assisting with an online newsletter
  • interviewing parents, NYC students, teachers, and administrators
  • creating films documenting the impact of the Parent Academy on schools, families, and student performance
  • photographing events
  • filming events, interviews, and interactions for training purposes

“We hope students will consider these opportunities as they plan for their spring courses, and also hope they will pass on our contact information to anyone who would be interested in getting involved,”
Dr. Feeley said.

LIU Post students can email the Center for Community Inclusion at  or call (516) - 299-2231 to learn more about these exciting opportunities.

Updated 12/03/12

Posted 12/03/2012

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